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We are System z Mainframe Technical Consultants. We help organisations with their mainframe systems problems, projects and questions. We provide independent technical advice and assistance, help companies with outsourcing arrangements and management, and provide mainframe related training. We also provide short term Systems Programming resources.

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Whitepaper: When Should You Hire A Mainframe Systems Consultant?

by Longpela ExpertiseSep 22, 2009

As mainframe technical skills become increasingly hard to find, many organizations are struggling with their mainframe-related problems and projects. In particular, high-caliber senior systems-related skills are exceptionally rare, and for some organizations unattainable. This white paper discusses how consultants can be a viable, cost-effective way of accessing mainframe systems skills. It examines mainframe consultants, how they can be a good or bad choice, how to find the best consultants, and how to get the most from them.