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Whitepaper: How To Drive Leads: B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report Released

by EccoloMar 09, 2011

This report lays out how white papers and other marketing content is consumed and perceived among technology buyers in the B2B sector.

You'll also learn: - What content and collateral needs to be influential in 2011 - How tech buyers have been taking to video, social media, and other "new media" - How to build a content portfolio that drives quality leads.

Whitepaper: Whitepapers or Videos: What Does Your Customer Prefer

by EccoloFeb 01, 2010

Decision makers and influencers � your customers � state in no uncertain terms that they regularly consume a broad range of marketing content when making purchasing decisions. Which is the most influential piece of marketing content, which is the weakest, and which medium has the greatest selling power for the future.