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As a national Open Systems integrator, Advanced Systems Group provides comprehensive consulting services, successful storage and data management solutions, assessments, and implementation services to help customers meet today's IT and business challenges. In particular, ASG focuses on customer needs, customizing unique solutions and successfully addressing companies particular IT challenges.

As a consistent member of the VAR Business Top 500, ASG pursues active involvement in the industry, maintaining the highest level of engineering certifications with partners and the vendor community.

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Whitepaper: Six Myths About Cloud Computing

by Advanced Systems GroupNov 01, 2009

When it comes to technology these days, the cloud is the place to be. Cloud computing has emerged as a hot trend, right alongside virtualization and service-oriented architecture (SOA). Vendors are racing to cash in.

As a result, market misinformation abounds, creating confusion among organizations that might otherwise benefit from the new technology. And as with any emerging technology, much remains in flux. Standards are still evolving, prices and pricing models vary widely, and best practices are just being identified.

In the meantime, a number of myths already are circulating about cloud computing. This paper provides an effective definition of cloud computing and corrects six of the most pervasive myths.