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Whitepaper: Uncovering Your Best Business Intelligence: How Next-Generation Insight Portals Turbo-Charge Executive Decision Making

by SaamaJan 28, 2010

For IT directors at large companies, delivering effective business intelligence (BI) is a critical responsibility. Corporations invest millions in data warehousing to learn more about the inner workings of their businesses but consolidating insights across multiple BI reporting systems is often a challenge.

Business functions like sales, marketing, operations and manufacturing collect data to help identify potential business problems. However, each functional area often uses different BI tools to collect and maintain this data. Consequently, when executives seek to consolidate reports and dashboards across departments, IT faces technical challenges combining these insights into a single reporting interface.

How can IT directors leverage existing BI tools to foster better executive decision-making? Is there an effective way to present a single interface that combines insights from multiple BI tools?

To address these challenges, enterprises are turning to next-generation insight portals. These solutions leverage insights from separate BI tools to simplify and accelerate executive decision-making. Next-generation insight portals combine previously unattainable insights with enhanced performance required to foster broad user adoption. This white paper will explore the challenges IT directors face when trying to consolidate BI reports across platforms and examine the many benefits of next-generation insight portals.