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Whitepaper: CRM, ERP, BI, And SAP: Where Is The Business Benefit And ROI?

by R3Now ConsultingSep 19, 2009

Success at achieving business results with IT must be the focus of your efforts. By stressing technology over business you will end up with a technology solution and not necessarily a business solution. Make business and business drivers the central focus of the IT investment and you will use technology correctly--technology then enables and supports business transformation. By addressing business needs you naturally address market forces, competitive pressures, and your value proposition(s). This type of IT and technology investment begins by asking the key business questions, such as what is the business reason for the IT investment? Why are you considering CRM, ERP, BI, SAP, or other applications? Do you need them or a different solution? Are you better off investing in BI or would you be better at working through process issues and using SOA to embed yourself further into the extended value chain? A system alone only processes information and no system will change your position in the market. But, with the right strategy focused direction, a well-deployed ERP, CRM, BI, or SAP system can empower your company to more aggressively and more effectively compete in the marketplace. In other words, if you want ROI it is going to take a genuine focus on the business drivers for why you are considering an IT solution. If you want the greatest return it takes effort to find consultants know the application AND understand business. Otherwise, you get another IT application when you need business transformation.