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Escendo Corp. is a leading provider of analytic and development solutions for large-scale Oracle OLAP environments. Escendo's family of robust, OLAP-integrated products enables companies to quickly and easily deploy applications that deliver sophisticated analytics to very large and diverse user populations using vast data volumes. Through deep integration with the Oracle database, Escendo provides users, developers, and managers with unparalleled levels of analysis, performance, security, and efficiency.

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Whitepaper: Improve BI Query Performances: OLAP Option Compressed Composites

by Escendo Corp.Mar 22, 2010

If you're running BI queries against an Oracle database, you have a powerful way of speeding up those queries that you may not know about. It's called a Compressed Composite and, when used with the OLAP Option, it can dramatically improve query performance for almost any tool. In a recent test, Escendo Corp. demonstrated how the use of Compressed Composites can reduce query time by 40% or more, and reduce the size of the data by 90% or more. And, because Compressed Composites are built into Oracle OLAP, many organizations already own it but just aren't using it. Compressed Composites will not store the redundant cells, will not create a space for them in its composite structure, and will not build an index entry to map them. Thus, all these structures are smaller and perform better, according to Escendo.