MegaPath operates one of the largest end-to-end communications networks in the country. In 2010, the company combined with Speakeasy and Covad to form a single company providing a full range of nationwide IP voice, security, and VPN and Internet services. MegaPath helps more than 85,000 businesses of all sizes to easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, employees and business partners to lower costs, increase security and enhance employee productivity.

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Podcast: What is SaaS, and Should SMBs Consider Using It?

by MegaPathNov 11, 2010

Part 1 of a 4 part Podcast series on security and compliance issues.

Tune in to this Podcast Interview with John Ramsey, Sr. Product Manager, Security and Compliance Solutions, MegaPath. In 15 minutes, you'll understand what managed security services mean to your business, and why you need to pay attention to them. Get details on:

* Capabilities that outsourced managed services bring to your business
* Benefits of the SaaS model
* Types of business that will get the most benefit from managed security
* How SaaS helps businesses comply with regulations and industry standards

Podcast: Hosted VoIP Podcast: Saving Money, Boosting Productivity - What about Service Quality?

by MegaPathNov 11, 2010

Tune in to this 7-Minute Podcast Interview with Joel Thomas, MegaPath SMB Solutions Engineer. Learn the basics on how hosted voice services work, plus get insight into:

* Small business advantages for adopting hosted voice
* Types of businesses that benefit most from hosted voice
* Quality indicators for evaluating services and service providers

Businesses are adopting Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, with hosted VoIP becoming increasingly popular. What are the cost savings of VoIP over traditional telephony when it's enhanced with the added convenience of fully managed services, flexible packages, and valuable promotions?

For a limited time, MegaPath is offering free Cisco SPA 303 VoIP-enabled phones for new business customers who purchase Unlimited and Global Hosted Voice calling plans. For full details, go to

Whitepaper: The Compliance Trap: Compliance for compliance's sake is not a best practice in protecting cardholder data

by MegaPathNov 10, 2010

This white paper on PCI compliance explains why compliance for compliance's sake is not a best practice in protecting cardholder data. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has been evolving for many years and will continue to be enhanced to address new security threats and protection measures. With maturity of the DSS, many security auditors are beginning to press companies that accept payment cards to demonstrate more than just 'forward progress' toward compliance, or at least a smaller number of compensating controls. Many retailers that have recently completed security audits are scrambling to implement new measures as their auditors have begun insisting on full compliance with key areas of the DSS.

How does a retailer effectively address compliance and avoid becoming headline news for all the wrong reasons? By focusing on security best practices and not accepting vendor claims that their solutions alone can provide compliance. Learn why compliance is the byproduct of a well-executed information security program that:
* focuses on risk management
* minimizes the use of compensating controls
* includes careful consideration of technology and service provider capabilities (not just the lowest bid)
* recognizes your business is responsible for the security of cardholder data

How can you improve data protection and PCI compliance?

Whitepaper: Understanding the Value of Managed Security UTM Solutions

by MegaPathApr 06, 2010

�Couple the reality of IT staff resources stretched too thin with security threats that are increasingly sophisticated and destructive, and the corporate trend -- even at the low-end of SMB businesses -- toward relying on an experienced managed security services provider becomes clear. This Yankee Group paper describes why multiple security layers are needed to achieve comprehensive and cost-effective security solutions.

Whitepaper: Countdown to Satisfaction: Practical Guidance to Hosted VoIP

by MegaPathApr 06, 2010

Companies are adopting Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, with hosted solutions becoming increasingly popular. What are the cost savings of VoIP over traditional telephony when it's enhanced with the added convenience of fully managed services and flexible packages? Get practical guidance on choosing enterprise-grade, cloud-based IP phone service to connect all employees into one unified phone system.

Whitepaper: The Big 4: Top Considerations in Choosing a VoIP Provider

by MegaPathApr 06, 2010

When small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking for new ways to reduce telecom costs, why are more of them turning to voice over IP? VoIP is a market-proven technology using the Internet to carry voice and data traffic on the same core network. Get best practices advice for transitioning first to VoIP, and then fully converged services. This brief white paper includes a helpful tutorial section "Why VoIP? Cost Savings and a Platform for Future Growth". Learn why many growing organizations consider VoIP to be their first step to Unified Communications.