Viewfinity offers privilege and systems management solutions to manage, support and control desktops, laptops and Windows servers. Viewfinity is a single platform to support on-network and mobile users that allows IT administrators to manage and control any computer over the WAN regardless of worker location.

Viewfinity complements traditional systems management, such as SCCM, by offering new flexibility to manage administrator rights for locked down computers. With its web-hosted model, Viewfinity solves IT's greatest headache--management of mobile workers by providing true native remote systems management capabilities and absolute network independence. For more information, visit

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Webcast: Thwart off Application-Based Security Exploits: Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks, Malware, Advanced Persistent Threats

by ViewfinitySep 23, 2013

A great danger exists if administrative rights are allowed in a whitelisting model: users that retain administrative rights may attempt to bypass or uninstall application control agents, and attackers may target the whitelisting mechanism to get bad code recognized as legitimate.

Join our featured speaker, Sean Power, CIO of a prominent law firm, in this interactive webinar to learn how you can:

  • Explore the use cases for whitelisting and the removal of administrative rights. 
  • Leverage an ideal solution that removes admin rights and sets up an application control framework that allows approved applications. 
  • Protect against sophisticated zero-day attacks, malware, advanced persistent threats and other application-based exploits.
  • Utilize an automated whitelisting product that reduces the amount of time IT must spend managing the whitelist profile. 

Register for this webcast now to learn how you can close a dangerous security loophole and add a fortified level of security against advanced persistent threats.

All attendees will receive the whitepaper Layers of Cyber Security: Modern Security Threats By Leonid Shtilman.

Whitepaper: Why Companies Aren't Relaxing PC Lockdown Policies

by ViewfinityJul 07, 2010

Connect with Viewfinity featuring Gartner Research on recent trends related to how organizations are revisiting PC control policies and increasing desktop lockdown.

Gartner states, �Survey results and feedback from Gartner clients show that organizations are increasing the number of PCs that IT controls by removing administrative rights and using other measures to control PC configurations.� This practice reduces system vulnerability by allowing end users to use only the applications and desktop functions that are deemed safe. However, to avoid merely shifting support calls related to unstable PCs to a high frequency of incidental type calls, companies should consider privilege management tools that will allow them to manage by user type or role.

Read this quick guide and learn more about PC lockdown policy trends, as well as best practices and approaches�for various types of organizations.

Whitepaper: Considerations For Using Cloud-Based PC Management Lifecycle Suites

by ViewfinityApr 15, 2010

This paper points to the advantages of using a cloud-based PC lifecycle management solution. Customers no longer have to focus on the management, maintenance, and operations of the management platform. The cloud approach delivers immediate and long-term value, scales with business need, and eliminates the equipment, training, and substantially higher costs of on-premise implementations. Cloud-based solutions provide immediate IT value by having an entire systems management solution up and running in minutes. For companies with traditional solutions, it provides a seamless way to complement existing systems today, and can replace on-premise legacy systems management platforms. Simply stated, the cloud-based PCLM solution allows the IT department to effectively enable the right computing experience for all end user systems, and allows the business to thrive in an aggressively changing technological ecosystem.