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Stonebranch provides solutions which govern business processes and data exchange for businesses. In 2009, Stonebranch launched Scribbos, a subsidiary of Stonebranch. Scribbos offers a secure business communications solution, which complements Stonebranch's Infitran, its Intelligent File Transfer Solution, and Indesca, its Independent Scheduling Agents solution. Used separately or as a suite, Stonebranch and Scribbos products and services interoperate with existing platforms/infrastructures and emerging technologies. Stonebranch clients include some of the world's largest financial, healthcare and technology institutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Stonebranch has offices throughout the world, including Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain and Denmark.

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Whitepaper: Reducing Costs in Your Job-Scheduling Environment

by Stonebranch, Inc.Jun 10, 2009

Job scheduling is a very complex, and integral element to any company´┐Żs IT infrastructure. Many companies have invested a lot of time and money in their job-scheduling environment, but are bogged down by inefficient processes, incompatible systems, and a lack of visibility. Finding the source of a problem within the infrastructure can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack; there is simply too much data to sift through. Eventually, as the company grows, maintenance of disparate job schedulers becomes costly and time consuming, and a struggle to keep operating efficiently. The solution to job-scheduling problems is to consolidate to one single workload management tool. However finding a tool that is easily deployable, requires little maintenance or extra personnel to staff, and, most importantly, is compatible with all server types can be extremely challenging. This white paper focuses on your job-scheduling challenges and presents a solution to upgrade your environment. Through technology reuse and consolidation, you can reduce the time, money, and resources expended, while scaling to support enterprisewide capacity.

Whitepaper: Upgrading Your Job-Scheduling Environment

by Stonebranch, Inc.Apr 01, 2009

This white paper explains the importance of an independent enterprisewide job-scheduling solution within your IT infrastructure and focuses on the following subjects: why you need a single job-scheduling tool; the market drivers leading IT professionals to an independent job-scheduling solution; the benefits of an independent job-scheduling solution, and how it can save your business valuable time, money, and resources while avoiding risk; upgrading your job-scheduling environment, instead of replacing it; and what to look for when evaluating job schedulers.