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Touch Ahead Software is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions company, focused on providing unparalleled benefits of advanced technology to the alternative asset community. The benefits include higher user satisfaction and increased deal sourcing productivity by utilizing user-friendly collaboration tools, as well as a dramatically reduced cost of ownership and time for implementation. Touch Ahead Software is the developer of EquityTouch, the premiere deal CRM service for the financial industry and other specialized industries.

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Whitepaper: 10 Steps for a Successful CRM Implementation

by Touch Ahead SoftwareJun 29, 2010

Nancy Keddy, co-founder and CEO of Touch Ahead Software, has "seen and heard about many CRM implementations that have gone poorly, but [has] also had the pleasure of being involved with many successful implementations." In this white paper, "10 Steps for a Successful CRM Implementation," Nancy makes critical points on key elements that organizations must consider when considering a CRM implementation. Without considering these key elements, a company's CRM initiative could fail.