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We Are Cloud are a Business Intelligence company producing the SaaS BI application, Bime. We started because business intelligence was mostly just too hard: too hard to use, too hard to manage, too hard to buy and too hard to get right. Bime delivers simple-to-use yet powerful business intelligence and data visualization without the upfront expenditure, in-house technical expertise or risk exposure required by traditional BI solutions.

Our Website: http://businessintelligence.me

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Research Report: Evaluating SaaS: Gartner's recommended steps

by We Are CloudJun 29, 2010

Gartner analysts have offered their advice on best practices for SaaS at the Gartner SOA & Application Development and Integration Summit 2010. They highlighted four important steps to take when evaluating SaaS: 1. Determine the value, 2. Develop governance of SaaS applications, 3. Evaluation of vendors, and 4. Put an Integration Road Map in place. This article discusses those 4 important steps.

Whitepaper: Exploring Self-Service Business Intelligence

by We Are CloudJan 01, 2007

When it comes to acquiring business intelligence (BI) capabilities, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have traditionally been at a disadvantage. They often cannot justify the large cap-ex demanded of them, do not have the IT resources to run an on-premise database and server system and are not sure that they have the breadth or depth of data to warrant such a system. Often their needs changed and evolved far faster than software could be developed and installed. The emergence of