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ATEN designs and manufactures a full range of sophisticated KVM switch products and solutions. We are commited to becoming the leading KVM solution provider worldwide.

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Whitepaper: Advanced Deskew Technology for Sharper Video in Extenders and Switches

by ATEN International Co., LtdOct 20, 2010

Analog video presents a high-quality image when the computer is directly connected to the monitor by short cables. In this case, image quality is limited only by the quality of the computer's video card and of the monitor itself. Unless they are of very poor quality, short video cables do not tend to degrade the image. ATEN developed patented technology to correct a particular cable-induced distortion described as skew to cut video distortion automatically with one-way signal detection, and is therefore very fast, according to the company.

Whitepaper: Exploring Video DynaSync

by ATEN International Co., LtdAug 15, 2010

KVM (keyboard, video monitor, mouse) switches, first developed almost two decades ago, allow you to share a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to control a few or even thousands of computers in offices and large data centers. A new technology known as Video DynaSync allows EDID and HDCP monitors and computers to function well with KVM switches.