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Whitepaper: The Critical Need for Email Archiving

by PostiniNov 03, 2010

Email archiving has fast become a critical best practice for organizations of all sizes; however, Osterman Research finds that only two out of every five companies actually have a structured archiving system. This white paper examines the drivers behind email archiving adoption and how to justify and explain its crucial worth to stakeholders. Learn how Google Message Discovery can help organizations remain secure, compliant, and responsive to email retrieval requests.

Whitepaper: Why Cloud-Based Security and Archiving Make Sense

by PostiniNov 03, 2010

Osterman Research conducted this study that outlines how and why cloud computing security and archiving is rapidly being adopted across the IT space for its ease of implementation, lower cost, and increased reliability. Learn how email archiving has become a critical �best practice� for organizations of all types and how the cloud model can provide a more effective email management solution.

Research Report: Enterprise Strategy Group Report on SaaS Archiving

by PostiniNov 03, 2010

E-mail archiving has become an increasingly important IT function, and SaaS-based solutions are rapidly gaining popularity among companies of all sizes. Enterprise Strategy Group reports on how companies are turning more and more to hosted email archiving solutions, as they have for other email management services such as spam filtering, malware protection, and data recovery. Based on extensive and current market research and surveys, Enterprise Strategy Group outlines the �why�s� and �how�s� of SaaS-based archiving and its broad adoption across industries.

Whitepaper: Google Messaging Discovery Datasheet

by PostiniNov 03, 2010

Google Message Discovery, powered by Postini, is a secure, hosted service that provides enterprise-grade spam and virus protection as well as comprehensive email archiving for organizations looking for cost-effective email management. Learn how Google Message Discovery offers significant advantages over onsite server or media-based email archiving services.