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Since 1981, Prime Factors has provided cost-effective, general-purpose encryption software to more than 1,000 customers world-wide. EncryptRIGHT, our newest offering, provides a better way to achieve PCI encryption compliance by simplifying key management and reducing the cost of deployment. EncryptRIGHT was designed from the ground up to meet security threats, accelerate deployments, and satisfy auditors that sensitive data is safeguarded. EncryptRIGHT runs on all major operating systems, provides broad application development support and can be implemented by programmers and non-programmers alike.

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Whitepaper: Data Encryption 101: Pragmatic Guide to PCI-DSS Requirements

by Prime FactorsJan 13, 2012

This educational, unbiased white paper cuts through the techno-babble and discusses how to select appropriate software to meet PCI requirements for encryption and key management. It is intended to provide the information you need to make an intelligent cryptographic choice.

PCI lists broad requirements for protecting credit card data, both in storage and in use, with encryption the prescribed linchpin for security. While cryptographic options for data in motion are well defined, as