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Founded in 2003, Alsbridge is a sourcing advisory firm with over 150 consultants operating globally with headquarters in Dallas, TX USA and London, UK. Alsbridge has redefined the way companies reduce costs and optimize operations for information technology, business processes, and telecommunications networks. We leverage significant investments in proprietary methodologies, tools and information databases to benchmark a client's entire back office operations to identify gaps from both a cost and service standpoint.

Alsbridge offers consulting services to close the identified gaps in the optimal fashion depending on the client's goals through outsourcing, shared services, internal optimization, vendor management, telecom procurement and more. No other consulting firm can provide the breadth and depth of services to reduce costs and improve operations across a client's entire back office.

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Whitepaper: Outsourcing 2010: What Are Your Competitors Buying?

by Alsbridge, Inc.Jul 14, 2010

As the economic slump begins shifting slowly in a positive direction, it is vitally important for potential outsourcing and shared services clients to understand trends in the industry and the factors that impact service offerings, contract structure and of course, pricing. This White Paper answers some of you most burning questions about the outsourcing market including: Where does the current path lead for the outsourcing market? What is on the horizon for the next few years? How can I capitalize on this opportunity? And possibly most importantly, what are my competitors buying?