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Savitar Research Group is a telecom technology and strategy consulting company which has developed capabilities for Total Perspective Management and Decision making. We have developed a platform which enables analysis, management and modeling of the business environment of a telecommunications network. The platform covers marketing, finance and network aspects and can incorporate demographic data, network elements, financial information etc. to give a holistic and dynamic picture. We have strong business and market intelligence capabilities as well.

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Whitepaper: India Wireless Broadband Operator Options

by Savitar Research GroupAug 04, 2010

Today, one of the biggest decisions operators face has a technology choice at its heart. LTE or WiMax? This harkens back to many of the standard wars that the world has seen and the questions that have to be answered are myriad and complex. Decisions need to be made from spectrum acquisition to deployed networks and eventually a business plan that returns good money on the investment in reasonable period. Savitar covers one such migration and decision matrix-- WiMAX to LTE. The company provides a comprehensive study from technology decisions to a business plan based on services that consumers pay for on a virtual model of a real-world network.

Whitepaper: Wireless Broadband in India: Evaluation of Technology Options

by Savitar Research GroupSep 07, 2010

In the backdrop of the ongoing standards war, operators face difficult migration choices, namely Wimax "e" to Wimax "m" or TD-LTE. Technology decisions by operators are roiled by competing claims from the competing factions about their own technologies. As a result, operators do not have clear information to make the right decisions. Savitar presents an in-depth study on the technological feasibility of the co-existence of the competing technologies and a migration from one standard to another.