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Gryphon is the leading provider of on-demand contact governance technology, combining compliance, preference and productivity solutions to help leading companies eliminate regulatory risk and increase marketing opportunity. By ensuring the cross-organizational observance of customer preferences, while preventing the over-zealous suppression of valuable lists, Gryphon unlocks each client's marketable universe using confidence-building technology solutions that drive revenue. And by securely managing data and certifying contacts in real-time across all communication channels, Gryphon guarantees 100% compliance with regulatory rules. Established in 1999 and headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, Gryphon counts the world's top business to consumer marketing experts among a host of satisfied clients.

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Whitepaper: Privacy Advisor: Using Multichannel Contact Management to Eliminate Risk and Drive Revenue

by Gryphon NetworksNov 11, 2010

Understand the finer points of using centralized, multichannel contact management technology to eliminate regulatory risk and drive revenue.

Discover Privacy Advisor, Gryphon's fully-integrated CRM tool that increases your contacts while guaranteeing compliance across all channels. Respond to consumer preferences with relevant messaging that builds business and creates customer value. Learn to avoid the perceived onslaught of unnecessary or intrusive marketing messages that make consumers choose opt out over opt in. And recognize the missteps that make companies fail to collect, manage or leverage customer contact preferences in the first place.

These and other key insights will advance you down a path to better customer relationships and, ultimately, help you transform valuable consumer knowledge into even greater long-term success.