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RapidScale Clusters has developed ClusterMaker, a fast and easy to use software package that creates highly available and scalable Linux clusters on commodity hardware. We can scale out Tomcat, JBoss, PHP, java, and other web 2.0 applications to scores of nodes in just minutes, completely eliminating common scalability problems. At the same time, underlying high availability tools ensure that critical applications are always online because real time data replication is protecting you from inevitable hardware failures and costly downtime.

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Whitepaper: Linux Data Replication Methods for High Availability

by RapidScale ClustersJul 22, 2010

In Linux system administration, it is often critical to replicate data to another server for high availability. There are several possible methods, including simple asynchronous copies, developing change detection software, and using synchronous cluster file systems. These methods all have pros and cons. Equally important is the kind of data to be replicated. Large files, small files, and frequently changing files impose different requirements. These issues are discussed, and in conjunction with the different methods, an effective replication scheme can be chosen for any environment.