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As a leading medical informatics solutions provider, MedAssurant is transforming the healthcare industry. Through our unique multidisciplinary approach, nationwide personnel, and advanced technology infrastructure, MedAssurant is able to achieve a superior healthcare dataset consisting of highly targeted, timely, and pertinent components of information. Armed with this information, MedAssurant is able to deliver unparalleled value in the assessment and improvement of clinical and quality outcomes, care management, utilization, and financial performance.

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Whitepaper: MedAssurant Case Study: Impact of RAD V, Strategic Priorities

by MedAssurant, Inc.Jan 01, 2009

CMS has signaled plans to materially expand the scope and potential financial implications of risk adjustment audit processes. This report claims we have entered into a new era of heightened focus on practitioner coding accuracy, quality controls on risk-adjusted data submissions, and preparedness for response to regulatory audits within Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid health plans. MedAssurant has been assisting clients to prepare for RADV audits, and has gained important insight from that experience. This case study considers the things that health plans can do to prepare for, and maximize the likelihood of a good outcome from, a RADV audit.