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Whitepaper: Secure Mobility Best Practices

by PC MallMay 01, 2011

In today's digital age, businesses must embrace mobility to remain competitive and increase productivity.

Download this Cisco white paper to learn how to:

� Give easy access to applications and information that users need to do their jobs

� Accurately protect your business network from threats

� Support a wide variety of devices in order to provide users with a choice of which tools to use

Whitepaper: Server Virtualization Best Practices

by PC MallMay 01, 2011

Server virtualization reduces costs and enhances business agility. But for many companies, a focus only on cost reduction can become a problem if the company loses the ability to respond to new economic changes.

Download this HP white paper to learn how to reap virtualization's additional benefits, including built-in, cost-effective:

� High availability

� Disaster recovery

� Performance management

� Ease of management

Whitepaper: The Important Role of Storage for Success in Server Virtualization

by PC MallMay 01, 2011

This white paper describes the advantages of scale-out iSCSI storage in four areas-cost, high availability and disaster recovery, performance, and management-and illustrates how SANs provide better overall support for virtualized environments.

Whitepaper: Server Virtualization: Branching Out of the Data Center

by PC MallMay 01, 2011

A typical lean branch office has a significantly different server infrastructure than a data center, but despite the differences, multisite organizations have much to gain by deploying server virtualization in their branch offices.

Whitepaper: Maintaining Continuity of Operations with a Disaster Tolerance Strategy

by PC MallMay 01, 2011

For some companies, even a few hours of downtime can become a business disaster. IT risks must be considered as serious as any other significant business risk.

When was the last time you assessed your business risks? Download this HP white paper to learn how to reduce the financial impact and maintain acceptable levels of productivity during an unplanned disaster.

Whitepaper: A Comprehensive Framework For Securing Virtualized Data Centers

by PC MallMay 01, 2011

Does your company have a clear and definite security policy for its virtual environment?

Companies realize the benefits of moving to virtualization, however, most virtualized environments today are being deployed in an insecure manner.

Download this HP White Paper to learn how to protect your high value virtual assets with a combination of purpose-built IPS platforms, management solutions and industry-leading threat research and security filters.