Symantec Website Security solutions, powered by VeriSign, offer more value than SSL alone to protect and grow your business. Industry-leading SSL encryption, vulnerability assessment and daily website malware scanning work together to secure your site. They help you quickly identify and take action against the most common attacks with assurance that confidential data has strong protection. The Norton™ Secured Seal, which is viewed more than half a billion times per day on websites in 170 countries worldwide, inspires the confidence to transact. And Symantec™ Seal-in-Search™ shows consumers your site is secured by Symantec before they click. Together, they help grow your business by assuring your customers that your website is safe from search, to browse to buy.

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Whitepaper: Adaptive Behavior-Based Malware Protection

by Symantec/VeriSignOct 29, 2012

A new generation of customized, tightly targeted, and byte-level obfuscated malicious code (malware) disguises its appearance to evade reactive security measures of all kinds, specifically signature-based antivirus solutions. But while each new instance in a malware "family" may appear different, its behavior can't be disguised.

This paper covers the benefits of Symantec SONAR technology and how it takes advantage of this weakness to create a new, final line of defense against even

Whitepaper: The Hidden Costs of Self-Signed SSL Certificates

by Symantec/VeriSignMay 07, 2012

Even when business is booming, smart companies always have an eye on the bottom line. Security is not usually one of the first places companies look to trim expenses, but some IT professionals believe that they can easily lower costs by eliminating third-party Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Authorities (CAs) from the budget equation.

Although spending money on SSL security for external facing sites - such as the company home page or e-commerce pages - still seems necessary,

Whitepaper: Simplify SSL Certificate Management Across the Enterprise

by Symantec/VeriSignMay 07, 2012

The need for SSL Certificates has moved well beyond the "buy" page to core functions of the enterprise. SSL Certificates are used to protect remote employee and partner communications via webmail, chat and IM. Browser-to-server communications for cloud-based services require SSL Certificates when used to display customer account information, business partner transactions and for employee productivity tools. Finally, SSL Certificates are used to secure server-to-server communications for

Whitepaper: Getting Ahead of the Compliance Curve

by Symantec/VeriSignMay 07, 2012

Compliance is a fast-moving target, and it's getting harder to keep up. In a survey by IT Policy Compliance Group, a consortium dedicated to helping IT security professionals meet policy and compliance goals, 70 percent of all respondents reported being subject to multiple regulatory compliance mandates, as well as contractual obligations and industry standards.

Meanwhile, IT budgets are getting leaner as organizations strive to increase cost efficiency in tough economic times, and the