EMANIO develops and provides business intelligence (BI), dashboarding and predictive analytics software solutions that help you make better business decisions faster. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Berkeley, California, we provide our software solutions to customers across North America and beyond, supported by an experienced professional services team and a network of certified partners that get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Our goal is to enable you to "Work without Boundaries," which means that we always strive to design and deliver solutions that free you from artificial boundaries imposed by poorly designed analytics software. In other words, we focus our efforts on your ability to turn massive amounts of business data into actionable information to help you and your organization make better decisions.

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Whitepaper: Choosing BI: How IBM and SAP Can Kill Your Business

by EMANIO, Inc.Oct 01, 2011

For years Fortune 500 companies have relied on stallwarth suppliers like IBM and SAP to power their business intelligence and reporting solutions. With data volumes growing at an average annual rate of 40%, however, mid-sized organizations are now finding it mandatory to invest in business intelligence and dashboarding software. Choosing a platform that worked for a Fortune 500 company, however, can lead to disastrous results.

Download this free white paper and learn the three most critical mistakes mid-sized businesses can make in selecting their dashboarding and reporting platform - and how to avoid them.

Whitepaper: Flexibility or Death: Choosing a BI Platform that can help you thrive

by EMANIO, Inc.Oct 01, 2011

The post-recession reality for any size organization is that flexibility and "agility" have become mandatory in order to maintain market competitiveness and to ensure long term viability. In fact, companies that implement agile budgeting and forecasting models on average are more profitable and have larger market shares than their competitors who don't.

Download this free white paper to learn what the challenges and benefits of agile budgeting are - and how choosing the right business intelligence platform can help you achieve the goal of a more agile, more rsponsive - and ultimately more profitable - business.

Whitepaper: Choosing BI: 5 Ways The Right Platform Can Make the BI Specialist's Life Easy

by EMANIO, Inc.Oct 01, 2011

Finding the right business Intelligence and dashboarding platform for your mid-sized business can be a daunting proposition. Choosing the wrong system can mean creating bottlenecks in your BI competency center, dissatisfied users and long-term high total cost of ownership.

Download this free white paper to learn the five key ways the right BI platform can empower your users, free up the time and resources in yoru BI competency center and protect your data, all leading to high returns on investment.