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Whitepaper: Security in the Cloud

by SunGard Availability ServicesOct 01, 2011

Cloud computing is being rapidly embraced across all industries. But this massive shift from local hardware to web-based resources is not risk- and hazard-free. Concerns about security are running high. And questions about business relevance and resiliency remain. This white paper covers strategies for addressing those questions.

Whitepaper: Five Simple Steps for Transforming Your Application Backup with Online Recovery Services

by SunGard Availability ServicesOct 01, 2011

Businesses today operate in an environment where significant application downtime and data loss lead easily to lost productivity, lost revenue and lost customers. A better backup and recovery process is within online reach of your business.

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Cloud-based Recovery

by SunGard Availability ServicesOct 01, 2011

Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) has been available for some time, and has leveraged a number of infrastructure options and recovery platforms. Many of these options have provided a recovery solution that is flexible, scalable, and secure. And in some cases, service providers offer fully managed solutions with the expertise to support heterogeneous IT environments.

Whitepaper: The Dollars and Sense of Online Backup

by SunGard Availability ServicesOct 01, 2011

IT functions in business are complicated enough. For the business majority, adding data protection expertise as a core competency simply does not make fiscal sense. Turning that function over to the leading solution in online backup and recovery-EVault-will save time, money and aggravation. Secure2Disk powered by EVault has the right online backup solution for companies that are serious about protecting business-critical data.

Whitepaper: The Transformative Benefits of Cloud

by SunGard Availability ServicesOct 01, 2011

The benefits of cloud are transformative because, by replacing in-house infrastructure with a scalable and efficient service, they allow an IT organization to move out of a functional role based on procurement and maintenance and toward a leadership role founded on guiding and participating in core business initiatives.

Whitepaper: The Three-phased Approach to Effective Data Colocation

by SunGard Availability ServicesOct 01, 2011

An organization's data is its lifeblood; productivity is only as good as the availability of the data. That's why, in an effort to maximize productivity and minimize risk, organizations increasingly are placing at least a portion of their infrastructure in colocation data centers. The timing is right for it, too. In recent years, the total cost of colocating in data centers has dropped significantly. Even for small businesses, colocation is no longer a pie-in-the-sky objective.

Whitepaper: 7 Key Considerations in Selecting a Colocation Provider

by SunGard Availability ServicesOct 01, 2011

Faced with the need to optimize every aspect of their department, IT organizations are recognizing the benefits of selecting a colocation provider for their mission-critical equipment in a data center. The time, cost savings, and quality of service a company can realize as a result of using a Managed Services provider for colocation are very appealing. With significant benefits of scale, IT Operations need to look for reliable facilities that offer uptime, power environmentals, physical security, carrier diversity, and high quality networks.