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XO Communications is a leading nationwide provider of advanced broadband communications services and solutions for businesses, enterprises, government, carriers and service providers. Its customers include more than half of the Fortune 500, in addition to leading cable companies, carriers, content providers and mobile network operators. Utilizing its unique combination of high-capacity nationwide and metro networks and broadband wireless capabilities, XO Communications offers customers a broad range of managed voice, data and IP services with proven performance, scalability and value in more than 75 metropolitan markets across the United States.

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Whitepaper: 5 Ways UC Makes IT a Hero

by XO CommunicationsMay 20, 2015

Prior to the arrival of UC, the stereotype was that IT departments were focused on blinking lights and server upgrades. UC has demolished that stereotype. IT departments now are responsible for deploying the most productive, effective, and collaborative tool set we've ever seen in business communications.

Video: It's Time for a Better Business Communications Experience

by XO CommunicationsMay 04, 2015

It's time to think differently about business communications. There really is a better solution to your business technology challenges. Watch now and find out what the Etherverse can do for you.

Infographic: The PBX Dilemma: Hosted or Premises-Based?

by XO CommunicationsMay 04, 2015

This infographic weighs the pros and cons of hosted and premises-based PBX solutions and shows you why more businesses of all sizes are choosing to go hosted.

Whitepaper: Is Hosted VoIP Right for You? 6 Must-Ask Questions

by XO CommunicationsMay 04, 2015

Hosted VoIP may appeal to companies that don't want to invest scarce resources in operating their own internal telephony system. However, given the primary role of voice communications for business, companies have to ensure that a provider's service will meet day-to-day needs and provide excellent reliability. Download this complimentary eBook to discover the six questions that companies must ask and answer before they migrate to a hosted VoIP provider. It also provides insight into how to

Whitepaper: Is Your Phone System Holding You Back?

by XO CommunicationsApr 10, 2015

Enterprise communications is at a critical juncture. Employees require the very best mobility and collaboration tools while IT struggles with tight budgets and lean staffing. Read this paper to learn about these looming challenges and how hosted PBX with Unified Communications can help you address these issues, paving the way for better enterprise communications.

Whitepaper: Hosted vs. OnSite UC: What's Best for Your Enterprise?

by XO CommunicationsApr 10, 2015

Unified Communications offers a host of benefits and every organization needs to determine what UC solution works best for them based on its own needs.

What is the right solution for your organization?

This decision guide can help – It will walk you though a list of important considerations when considering if OnSite or hosted service is the best for your company.

Download the whitepaper today!

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Creating the Network-Enabled Cloud

by XO CommunicationsApr 10, 2015

Use this step-by-step guide from enterprise technology expert David Linthicum to help improve your network to handle services delivered from multiple clouds. With the right network infrastructure, it is much easier to connect, secure and speed up delivery of all of the cloud applications and services consumed by your organized. No matter where you are in your cloud implementations, learn best practices and strategies in this eBook series focused on Building the Network that Empowers Digital

Whitepaper: The Role of the WAN in Your Hybrid Cloud

by XO CommunicationsApr 10, 2015

At the center of the hybrid cloud effort is your WAN. It's the thoroughfare for moving data, services, and sessions back and forth between users and resources.

This means your WAN:
• Must be highly available and secure
• Needs to perform comparably to a LAN – meaning latency and packet loss needs to be managed.

Taking a performance hit in order to use cloud services isn't acceptable: users don't care where the resources reside as long as they are

Whitepaper: Key Tools for Maximizing Your Hybrid Cloud Investment

by XO CommunicationsApr 10, 2015

Explore the optimization tools that give you the ability to see and control the performance and security of your WAN traffic, a vital component to your cloud success. Among other things, these tools help you counteract the effects of latency introduced by geographical WAN distances and allow you to alleviate network congestion that might results from sending a lot large files and retransmitting dropped packets.

Whitepaper: The Top 5 Ways Hosted PBX with Unified Communications Can Help Your Enterprise

by XO CommunicationsApr 10, 2015

When voice moves into the cloud, enterprise communications rapidly becomes a strategic function that drives revenue. A reliable, business-grade solution that integrates Voice over IP with hosted Unified Communications can help you lower total cost ofownership,enable self-management,improve productivity,streamline business continuity and free up IT resources to focus on more important requirements. Read how Hosted PBX with Unified Communications can help your enterprise integrate complex voice