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Webcast: Cloud Data Encryption Myths Debunked

by VormetricSep 11, 2014

Controlling data encryption and key management is a MUST in the cloud. The Internet of Things. Mobility. The app explosion. Big data. As the Internet continues its dynamic evolution in the cloud, the security threat landscape expands alongside it. And in the middle of it all, data is being delivered, accessed, and stored in more places with more devices. Protecting it is paramount.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Dispel common myths of data encryption (the realities may surprise you)
  • Learn the vital role data encryption and key management play in the cloud
  • See how data encryption and key management fit into a broader security framework

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Whitepaper: Data Security in The Cloud

by VormetricJan 08, 2014

Maintaining control over the data is paramount to cloud success. In this CSO Magazine whitepaper, learn about Cloud Computing Security Challenges, Techniques for Protecting Data in the Cloud and Strategies for Secure Transition to the Cloud. cloud.

Whitepaper: Data Security Architecture Overview

by VormetricJan 04, 2014

The Vormetric Data Security Architecture white paper provides an understanding of the architectural underpinning of Vormetric Data Security Platform, a comprehensive solution for a data-centric security architecture for minimizing the attack surface of sensitive data and to assist in meeting data compliance requirements. It uses Vormetric Data Firewall, encryption, access controls and security intelligence across physical, virtual and traditional environments.

Discover how the Vormetric Data Security Platform provides:

� Centralized policy management for securing structured, unstructured and big data across cloud, virtual and traditional environments
� Reduced attack surface of sensitive data by enforcing least privilege access and privilege user controls
� Simplified controls and reporting for satisfying compliance and regulation mandates
� Significantly greater insight and accelerated detection of APT and Insider abuse through access security intelligence

Whitepaper: Server Data is the Main Target For Advanced Persistent Threats - The Case For A Data-Centric Security Model

by VormetricJan 04, 2014

This white paper discusses why the old data security model no longer works, the inherent risks of APTs and why perimeter defenses alone are not sufficient to safeguard organizations against the current generation of security threats. Read this paper to learn more about:

� The benefits of a data-centric security model
� New data security protection strategies and best practices
� Why data security automation has become a requirement in the cloud

Whitepaper: The Insider Threat : How Privileged Users Put Critical Data at Risk

by VormetricJan 04, 2014

This white paper discusses the growing insider risks. It will also cover how organizations become breached-either by internal users through malicious or benign actions or from external threats that acquire the credentials of trusted insiders. It also touches on how organizations can limit privileged users' access to data so that, in either case, sensitive information does not leave your organization in an unencrypted state. Finally, it shows how organizations can implement technologies to protect data by decrypting at the point of use, and setting rules on who can see unencrypted data.

Whitepaper: Big Data - Big Risks

by VormetricJan 04, 2014

The cloud computing landscape continues to realize explosive growth. This white paper outlines what IT and security professionals need to know about the significant security risks of big data, including critical security vulnerabilities, risks, and challenges, key business and technical issues such as controls, privacy, and compliance and effective and reliable protection strategies.

Whitepaper: Securing Sensitive Data within Amazon Web Services EC2 and EBS : Challenges and Solutions to Protecting Data within the AWS Cloud

by VormetricJan 03, 2014

In this white paper, learn about the specific problems around data protection when using servers within Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. This includes both problems specific to the environment, the motivations that drive the need for this data protection, and recent changes in cyber threats that highlight the need for this protection. The paper also examines the core elements of a data protection solution for AWS implementations, and then reviews how the Vormetric Data Firewall for AWS delivers a complete solution to the problem.

Webcast: Protecting Enterprise Data in the Cloud

by VormetricNov 28, 2013

As enterprises increasingly employ cloud services as a means of storing and sharing information, there is a growing need to develop stronger methods of securing sensitive data in the shared infrastructure.

In this informative webcast, Dark Reading editor Tim Wilson will host the Cloud Security Alliance’s John Howie and Vormetric executive CJ Radford in discussing the threats posed to data in the cloud, the various methods available for securing sensitive data in cloud environments, and key strategies for identifying and securing data in cloud services and environments.

Attendees will learn:

  • The potential threats posed to stored data in cloud and shared-tenant IT environments
  • The chief methods used by attackers to penetrate cloud environments
  • Recommendations on securing enterprise data stored in the cloud
  • Key tools and services available for encrypting and securing stored data in cloud environments
  • Recommendations for building out cloud data security/storage strategies

Whitepaper: How Public Sector Organizations Can Overcome Data And Audit Protection Challenges

by VormetricOct 31, 2013

Public sector organizations must protect critical data and meet compliance and cybersecurity requirements, while gaining security intelligence across physical, virtual, cloud and big data environments. Learn how Vormetric provides a single platform that can provide data security and operational efficiency in a variety of use cases.

Whitepaper: Vormetric Data Security to Enhance Security Intelligence

by VormetricOct 31, 2013

When the barbarians penetrate the perimeter, how do you protect your critical data? Learn why combining Vormetric Security Intelligence with your SIEM is the next step in protecting your enterprise. You can pinpoint unusual patterns that indicate malware, detect possible malware or malicious insiders, and more.