Mitel (Nasdaq:MITL) is a global provider of business communications and collaboration software and services. Mitel's Freedom architecture provides the flexibility and simplicity organizations need to support today's dynamic work environment. Through a single cloud-ready software stream, Mitel delivers a powerful suite of advanced communications and collaboration capabilities that provides freedom from walled garden architectures and enables organizations to implement best-of-breed solutions on any network; extends the "in-office" experience anywhere, on any device; and offers choice of commercial options to fit business needs.

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Whitepaper: 5 Steps to a Successful Unified Communications RFI

by MitelJun 01, 2013

Cloud-based unified communications (UC) has the power to transform work environments, but with a growing number of solutions available, finding the right cloud-based UC platform requires a clear assessment of business needs and careful research into vendors and service offerings. One of the most critical steps in the acquisition process is the request for information (RFI).

Download this step-by-step guide to learn how to craft an RFI that can jumpstart your selection process.

Whitepaper: Cloud-based UC: A Foundation for Business Transformation

by MitelApr 29, 2013

The unified communications (UC) market is undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to a perfect storm of cloud computing, advances in IP communications, and the onslaught of mobile innovations. At the same time, efficiency-obsessed CIOs are turning to cloud-based UC to reduce IT costs and focus resources on investments that give their enterprises the greatest strategic advantages. In a market undergoing such fundamental changes, how can IT managers take advantage of cloud-based UC and create a reliable communications road map for the future? In this UBM Tech Q&A, an IT visionary explains how UC and enterprise applications are mashing up inside the cloud - and why work environments will never be the same.

Whitepaper: Communications in the Cloud

by MitelAug 13, 2013

Organizations in every industry are poised to realize benefits from deploying unified communications (UC) in the cloud. Whether opting for a public, private or hybrid cloud deployment, companies gain a flexible and scalable way to support employees' access to the latest unified communications and collabora?tion capabilities, including unified messaging and audio, video and Web conferencing from any location and using any device.

The right cloud communications solution provides these benefits:

� Better communication among staff, resulting in improved operational efficiency

� Better communications with customers, resulting in improved levels of service

� Simplified administration and support, resulting in cost savings

Read this Impact Assessment to learn more about how UC in the cloud can benefit your organization.

Whitepaper: Communications in the Cloud: 4 Reasons to Make the Move

by MitelJun 01, 2013

Unified communications (UC) in the cloud can help you address your collaboration and communications challenges. The variety of cloud models available let you choose an approach that is more in line with your business needs and can increase business agility while reducing your infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Download this whitepaper to discover how to win over senior business executives to the idea of the cloud as a delivery model for your communications.

Whitepaper: Communications unifiées basées sur le Cloud: La base de la transformation opérationnelle

by MitelJun 01, 2013

Le marché des communications unifiées connat une transformation remarquable grâce au développement du cloud computing, aux avancées dans les communications sur IP et des évolutionen matière d�innovations mobiles. Par ailleurs, les directeurs informatiques, motivés par l�efficacité, comptent sur les communications unifiées basées sur le Cloud pour réduire les coûts informatiques et se concentrer ainsi leurs ressources sur les investissements offrant les meilleurs avantages stratégiques à leur société. Sur un marché subissant de tels changements fondamentaux, comment les directeurs des systèmes d�information peuvent-ils utiliser à leur avantage les communications unifiées basées sur le Cloud et créer un plan de communication fiable pour le futur? Dans ce document d�information d�UBM (Q & R), un visionnaire de l�informatique explique comment les communications unifiées et les applications métier se marient à l�intérieur du Cloud et révèle pourquoi le milieu de travail ne sera plus jamais le même.

Whitepaper: De belangrijkste technologische componenten van Unified Communications in de cloud

by MitelMay 28, 2013

Door slimmer te communiceren en samen te werken benut u kansen die anderen laten liggen. Oplossingen voor Unified Communications (UC) zorgen ervoor dat u beter bereikbaar bent, sneller handelt en de productiviteit en klantenservice naar een hoger niveau tilt. Bied uw medewerkers nieuwe, effectieve manieren om in contact te blijven, ongeacht hun locatie of het type device dat zij gebruiken (smartphone, tablet, bureautoestel). Cloud computing is een van de meest efficiënte leveringsmodellen voor UC. Voor veel organisaties zal het migratieproces naar de cloud echter stap voor stap gaan. Dit whitepaper geeft u inzicht in cloud gebaseerde UC-toepassingen en stelt u in staat om de technologie beter te begrijpen. Zo maakt u de juiste keuzes voor uw organisatie. Download dit whitepaper voor meer informatie.

Whitepaper: Giving Voice to the Virtual Desktop: A White Paper from Mitel and VMware

by MitelMar 01, 2012

For the first time ever, Unified Communications (UC) joins other mission-critical applications on users? cloud-based desktops.

Organizations can now run business-critical telephony applications on the same servers as other business applications, reducing capital and operating expenses, improving application availability, ensuring integrated business continuity, and driving innovation and productivity like never before.