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Lawson Software is a global provider of enterprise software. We provide business application software, maintenance and consulting to customers primarily in specific services, trade and manufacturing/distribution industries. We specialize in and target specific industries including healthcare, services, public sector, equipment service management & rental, manufacturing & distribution and consumer products industries.

Our software solutions include Enterprise Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence, Asset Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, Service Management, Manufacturing Operations, Business Project Management and industry-tailored applications. Our applications help automate and integrate critical business processes, which enable our customers to collaborate with their partners, suppliers and employees, reduce costs and enhance business or operational performance. Lawson is headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., and has offices around the world.

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Whitepaper: Healthcare Organizations Merge to Save $4 million

by Lawson SoftwareSep 02, 2011

Healthcare reform is the hot topic right now, but other legislation frequently goes into effect that impacts healthcare organizations. For example, the Stark IV regulation states that healthcare organizations cannot refer patients to ancillary services owned by the same organization. This posed a threat to Carle Foundation Hospital and Carle Clinic Association because they both operated as unique entities but relied heavily on each other.

Learn how Carle Hospital and Carle Clinic successfully completed a system merger and saved $4 million by standardizing products, merging service agreements, consolidating inventory and reducing redundant staff.

Whitepaper: Healthcare Cash Control: How to Shift from Paper Driven to Electronic Payments

by Lawson SoftwareJul 28, 2011

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (MHHS) was managing an extremely complicated procurement to payment (P2P) system that consumed countless staff hours and cost $50 each for thousands of paper-based financial transactions and reconciliations every month.

Learn how MHHS was able to shift from a paper-driven system to an electronic payment and invoicing model and review the benefits - including cost savings of $11 per invoice.

Whitepaper: Identify your most Profitable Customers with an Integrated Financial System - A UBM Whitepaper for Insurers

by Lawson SoftwareSep 01, 2009

Identify your most profitable customers and areas of growth today. Find out how!

Competitive financial services firms and insurers are creating competitive advantage by accessing data in real time - rather than waiting until the end of the month or quarter - to enable them to make strategic decisions earlier and not miss out on lucrative opportunities.

Download this whitepaper to see how an integrated financial system draws upon real-time business information to efficiently examine operational performance, growth opportunities and your most profitable customers.

This whitepaper shows how you can:
� Identify your most profitable customers
� Remove information silos
� Build on collaborative power
� Get more transparency of financial data
� Assess risk
� Make competitive decisions faster