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Whitepaper: A Guide to Branching and Merging Patterns

by AccuRevJan 30, 2012

Software configuration management (SCM) practices are at the forefront of managing a process for a development team. Choosing the correct branching pattern can either make a good development team great, or cause confusion and pain for the development team. In this white paper, AccuRev explores:

• The underlying reasons and goals for creating branches

• Branching pattern options and how they apply to today's development practices

• The tools a team needs to have in place in order to branch and merge efficiently

Whitepaper: Software Configuration Management Best Practices

by AccuRevFeb 20, 2012

Software configuration management (SCM) comprises of factors such as compliance, workflow, security, process management, code review, build management and team work. An important piece of any software development process, SCM practices define for development teams how software will be developed and eventually released. Teams can maximize their effectiveness by applying best practices that enable rapid delivery.

This white paper introduces the five SCM best practices that are essential for software development success.

Whitepaper: Top 5 Software Development Process Challenges

by AccuRevOct 01, 2011

A process framework is a combination of project management, technical practices, and supporting tools. The tools and practices have a profound effect on the day-to-day life of a developer. These types of practices and tools have either helped or hindered development teams deliver software.

This paper from AccuRev explores the top 5 process development challenges that software development teams face today and focuses on a series of best practices and techniques for development teams looking to improve their software development process.