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Vhayu delivers the fastest market data solutions to the world's leading financial institutions for the capture and high-speed analysis of massive amounts of streaming and historical data. Through its unique patented technology, the Vhayu Velocity tick data platform gives a significant competitive advantage to its customers by delivering the information needed to make trading decisions faster than any other available system. Partnered with Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, Intel and Activ Financial, Vhayu's customers include 8 of the top 10 global financial institutions, the leading online discount broker, hedge funds, market data providers and alternative trading systems. Founded in 1998 by experts in multi-processor design, real-time operating systems, enterprise database systems and financial market data, Vhayu is backed by top tier investors, including Menlo Ventures.

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Whitepaper: Vhayu Velocity Squeezer

by Vhayu TechnologiesJun 05, 2008

Squeezer is Vhayu�s patent-pending hybrid solution, which integrates FPGA hardware and Vhayu Velocity to deliver at least 4x compression of all Velocity data, with no performance penalty and enterprise-level fault tolerance. Velocity Squeezer sets a new benchmark in price performance for the storage and retrieval of market data, allowing businesses to reduce storage-related operating and capital expenses, increase competitive trading advantages and improve audit capabilities.

Webcast: The Data Management Challenge of Quantitative Analysis

by Vhayu TechnologiesMay 29, 2008

Presentation and panel discussion by: � Sang Lee, Co-founder & Managing Partner / Aite Group � Alex Perel, Trader, Equity Arbitrage / TD Newcrest � David Wilson, Product Manager / Vhayu Technologies

Whitepaper: Vhayu Velocity for Quantitative Research

by Vhayu TechnologiesMay 15, 2008

Velocity for Quantitative Research is a single solution to capture real-time data and analyze up to 20 years of tick histories. The solution�s open source approach gives firms greater flexibility and control over the technology they use, as well as precludes investment in costly statistical software licenses and proprietary languages. This also eliminates the need for data translation, reducing the time it takes to back test, develop strategies and deliver them to market.

Whitepaper: Vhayu Velocity for Equities

by Vhayu TechnologiesMay 06, 2008

Velocity for Equities is a high performance solution used widely for tick data management allowing users to perform real-time and historical market data analysis in a single CEP platform. Existing client implementations include applications for pre-trade analysis, algorithmic trading, customized VWAP calculations, transaction cost analysis (TCA), quantitative analysis, and regulatory compliance for MiFID and Reg NMS.

Whitepaper: Vhayu Velocity Overview

by Vhayu TechnologiesMar 26, 2008

The Vhayu Velocity� market data analysis platform delivers the fastest, easiest-to-use real-time software solutions to brokers, hedge funds, alternative trading systems and exchanges for the capture and high-speed analysis of massive amounts of streaming, historical and proprietary data.

Whitepaper: Vhayu Velocity Order Book Analyzer

by Vhayu TechnologiesOct 26, 2007

Velocity Order Book Analyzer was designed specifically for advanced trading to capture, store and analyze every bid and offer across every market center in real-time giving firms a powerful way to bolster the analytic capabilities and capacity required for pre and post trade analytics, MiFID and Reg NMS compliance. Vhayu currently provides feed handlers for Lava ColorBook, Wombat, Infodyne, Nasdaq TotalView and Reuters RDF.

Webcast: The Growing Importance of Order Book Data

by Vhayu TechnologiesOct 10, 2007

Presentation and panel discussion by: � Brad Bailey, Senior Analyst / Aite Group � Jeff Brown, VP of Electronic Brokerage Services / Fidelity Capital Markets � Jeff Hudson, CEO / Vhayu Technologies � Paul Geraghty, Director of Partner and Business Development / Thomson Reuters

Whitepaper: Vhayu Velocity for Fixed Income

by Vhayu TechnologiesApr 05, 2007

Velocity for Fixed Income was developed as the first CEP solution specifically for Fixed Income data. It supports all aspects of data management for bonds, swaps, FX and synthetics, all from a single platform. Velocity for Fixed Income is a powerful tool for firms needing to immediately calculate, archive and publish analytics derived from price/yield curve analysis, discount factor analysis and multi-benchmark spread analysis.

Whitepaper: Vhayu Velocity for Options

by Vhayu TechnologiesNov 14, 2006

Velocity for Options is the only CEP platform powerful enough to scan the entire equities options market in real-time with millisecond response and no dropped ticks. Traders can devise enhanced algorithmic strategies capable of mapping options symbols to underlying equities, and its superior storage and analysis capabilities empower users to conduct queries of historical data for comparisons against real-time Implied or Statistical Volatilities to quickly find over and under priced options.

Whitepaper: Algorithmic Trading

by Vhayu TechnologiesJun 09, 2006

Vhayu Enables Faster Algo Executions for Leading Broker Dealers