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Adaptivity helps IT organizations solve execution gaps and maximize IT's impact on shareholder value. We have institutionalized our award winning and proven track record as end user practitioners into three core execution areas of IT Strategy, IT Architecture and IT Operating Models.

We differentiate through our ability to help firms rapidly and incrementally succeed in driving business aligned service level improvements while radically lowering costs. Adaptivity's ADIOS(SM) Methodology, Fit-for-Purpose(SM) Design Framework and Quality of Experience(SM) Maturity Model serve as change catalyst mechanisms to help firms drive dramatic infrastructure cost reductions, increase growth efficiencies and improve service levels multiple-fold.

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Whitepaper: DR Capacity Harvesting Strategy

by Adaptivity Inc.Oct 01, 2008

Every day IT is being challenged to do more with less. IT needs to eliminate waste wherever it is identified so precious resources can be invested into developing revenue streams and not merely supporting standard operations. To accomplish this, every ounce of compute power needs to be wrung from existing infrastructure.

The largest area of untapped potential remains off limits for exploitation; the resources set aside for Disaster Recover (DR). Entire datacenters filled with equipment,

Whitepaper: Next Generation Datacenter Transformation Strategy

by Adaptivity Inc.Oct 01, 2008

Today?s IT organizations face a dual challenge of "keeping the lights on" while providing "new services" at unprecedented rates with reduced investment support from the business. At the same time the very business model of IT is changing ?how applications, content, information, and infrastructure are delivered.

These demands and changes must account for the fact that external facing customer experience and corporate branding, as well as internal operational systems, depends

Whitepaper: Business Platform Transformation Strategy

by Adaptivity Inc.Oct 01, 2008

Today?s CIO organizations face a complex array of challenges in managing the Business Platform (the group of applications and services that implement the Business Value Chain). The business perceives technology innovation as a business differentiator, demands application portfolio stability, requires change requests to be handled promptly, experiences growth rates that are often unpredictable and exponential, and exerts continuous pressure to reduce product time to market. Complicating this,

Whitepaper: Virtual & Dynamic Infrastructure Strategy

by Adaptivity Inc.Oct 01, 2008

The more tightly bound an application is to its underlying platform, the less capital efficiencies are realized. The IT waste associated with under utilized hardware resources has been clearly demonstrated, which in turn has spawned the creation of datacenter consolidation programs that devise ways to more tightly compress the application infrastructure footprint onto existing hardware resources.

Breaking the bonds that tie an application to an instance of an operating system and tie an