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Whitepaper: SAS Raid-on-Motherboard: Affordable, High Performance RAID

by BroadcomJan 01, 2008

The demand for denser, less-expensive, higher performing storage solutions is leading to the deployment of ROMB technology on more and more motherboards. ROMB solutions are more cost-effective and provide more reliable alternatives to add-in RAID solutions such as Zero-Channel-RAID and host bus adapter cards because they don’t duplicate components that already exist on the motherboard and are, by design, made to completely interoperate with other components located on the motherboard as well.

Whitepaper: 802.11n: Next-Generation Wireless LAN Technology

by BroadcomJan 01, 2008

During the past several years one has experienced a phenomenal growth in demand for wireless LAN hardware. As a measure of this expansion, WLAN chipset shipments in 2005 surpassed the 100-million-unit mark, a more than tenfold increase from 2001 shipments of less than 10 million units. The purpose of this is to explain the impending 802.11n standard and how it will enable WLANs to support emerging media-rich applications. The paper will also detail how 802.11n compares with existing WLAN standards and offer strategies for users considering higher-bandwidth alternatives.