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VSS Monitoring is the world leader in traffic capture, allowing IT professionals to see into the farthest reaches of even the largest networks, preventing problems from reaching end users, and dramatically reducing the time to achieve a return on investment for network monitoring and security tools.

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Whitepaper: Ten Questions to Ask Your Traffic Capture Vendor

by VSS MonitoringJan 05, 2010

VSS Monitoring presents a 10 question check list for administrators and C-level executives implementing a network monitoring system. The key to achieving end-to-end network visibility is knowing the details of how the traffic gets to network monitoring tools. A few of the many subjects covered are: system connectivity, traffic grooming, latencies, packet optimization technologies, maintaining session-awareness from point of capture to the monitoring tools, and "gotchas" to watch out for. The white paper covers the questions in-depth to guide IT administrators making monitoring equipment investments.