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Webcast: Promoting Distribution Channel Value In A Digital Insurance World

by PegasystemsNov 20, 2013

At a time where consumers are enjoying all the benefits of pricing transparency in digital insurance channels, how do carriers make sure they are enabling their agent partners so they remain relevant to end customers, while still providing value to the insurer? What are carriers doing to ensure that the agents remain front and center in their distribution strategies? One way carriers can help agents be more profitable is to provide them with information and analytics that can use to easily cross sell and identify retention opportunities before they result in unwanted "churn."

Join us for this webcast where we will discuss:

  • What's the state of the digital insurance business: a carrier and agent view?
  • What role will the agent play in insurers’ increasingly multi-channel distribution strategies?
  • What do agents expect from the insurers they sell for (independent agent model dominates now)?
  • How are carriers enabling the sales activities of their agent partners?
  • What does the next 3-5 years hold for the agent distributor?
  • How do analytics provided by the insurance carrier help agents to increase conversions, provide personalized services, up-sell, and retain customers?

Webcast: Bring Alive with Your Key Business Processes: Register Now

by PegasystemsSep 10, 2013

Even the largest suites often do not do everything an insurer needs, and installations are complex – from both a process and a risk perspective. 

This means that insurers tend to focus on point solutions to solve fairly specific business problems. 

Unfortunately, they often don’t live up to expectations or are difficult to weave into a seamless operating environment – creating yet more silo systems or workarounds. is an excellent example of a product that has seen significant growth in the insurance market but has limited core insurance functionality. 

Join this presentation to discover how Pega can be leveraged to provide full insurance capability within your environment. Register Now!

Whitepaper: Customer Centricity in Insurance Sales, Service and Saving the Customer

by PegasystemsFeb 24, 2012

Pegasystems offers a unified solution that encompasses all of the technical capabilities required to deliver on your strategy for customer centricity. Pega leverages rules-driven processes, enterprise case management, real-time decision management and unified channel management to bring together all of the people, systems, channels and information needed to anticipate and respond appropriately during each customer interaction.

Whitepaper: Six Keys to Claims Optimization: How BPM Can Turn Vision into Reality

by PegasystemsApr 01, 2011

How does an insurer strike a cost-effective balance between claims efficiency and policyholder service? Insurers can start by optimizing their claims value chain - the people, processes and resources required to achieve the optimal claim outcome - to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of claims operations.