Attensity delivers an integrated suite of Customer Experience Management applications to meet the demands of many large insurance enterprises. Attensity's solutions are powered by semantic technologies that allow organizations to Listen, Analyze, Relate and Act on multi-channel customer conversations. As a result, your customers experience positive one-on-one interactions with your company, which improves loyalty and satisfaction at a reasonable cost.

Attensity has created a suite of commercial applications that draw upon the broadest spectrum of natural language processing technology and Web 3.0 semantic technologies. Specifically designed to meet the needs of end users, Attensity business applications inform your business processes through the unparalleled accuracy of our analytic engines and the intuitive presentation of resulting information. Social media, claims/fraud interdiction, surveys, call center notes, etc.

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Whitepaper: Voice of the Customer Solutions in Insurance

by AttensityAug 13, 2010

As markets for property and casualty, life, and healthcare insurance become more competitive, customer service and customer experience are becoming key ways for firms to differentiate themselves and gain new business. Satisfied customers, or brand advocates, have a dramatic impact on business performance. Advocates reduce new-customer acquisition costs through referrals, enhance a company´┐Żs ability to successfully introduce new products, and provide a basis for immeasurable goodwill during slow business times or difficult economic conditions.