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Whitepaper: Empowering Enterprise Decisioning with Analytically Powered Applications

by FICOFeb 15, 2016

As real-time customer-generated data become more prevalent, the use cases for analytically powered applications and the ultimate desire to operationalize analytics are increasing.

In most organizations, the term analytics often conjures up a vision of a business intelligence organization. However, it's a view of the past--often a data mart snapshot of the distant past. In a Big Data world, these tools do not even attempt to correlate business objectives and behaviors to prescribe what businesses should do to optimize customer behaviors with decisions. It is prescriptive analytics and the process of operationalizing analytics that is the domain of decision management.

Download this paper to learn how organizations can start leveraging any data infrastructure to create an end-to-end customer-centric decision management solution--enabling optimal data-driven customer engagement consistently throughout an enterprise.

Whitepaper: Big Data Opens the Door for Prescriptive Analytics

by FICOFeb 15, 2016

For organizations that are wrestling with how to make business decisions with speed, precision, and alignment, prescriptive analytics can ultimately uncover new ways to drive profit and customer-centricity, and continue to provide new insights that can amplify the results. Prescriptive analytics goes beyond predicting what will happen next. It tells you the actions you should take to achieve the right mix of risk mitigation, profitability and positive customer outcomes--all within the time frames that drive the greatest value.

Turning big data volume, variety and velocity into value is specifically why traditional BI (business intelligence) can't possibly keep up with the need for business decision speed and precision.

Download this paper to learn more about:

  • The obstacles to realizing the value of big data
  • The "must haves" to evolve from reactive to predictive/prescriptive in the next epoch of big data decisions
  • Use cases of how prescriptive analytics helped solve business challenges that defied other approaches and tools

Whitepaper: A New Application Development Approach for Today's Speed of Business

by FICOFeb 15, 2016

As IT departments' lists of backlogged application development projects keep growing, so does the speed of new development requests from line-of-business personnel. For many IT departments, the speed of business--the speed of requests for additional developments--can't be met under current practices. This inability to keep pace with critical development requests, supporting timely strategy modifications, seriously impacts an enterprise's profitability. Download this paper to learn more about:

  • The problems with traditional enterprise application development
  • How a microservices architecture and model-driven approach can reduce the cost of building and maintaining applications
  • Use cases that showcase the benefits of leveraging a microservices architecture

Webcast: Don't Neglect Customer Experience While Preventing Fraud

by FICONov 17, 2014

How financial institutions manage customer communications during a fraud situation is of extreme importance today. With more consumers shopping in digital channels than ever before, and point-of-sale terminals becoming the target of widespread hacks, banks must be able to quickly and efficiently detect fraudulent transactions in multiple places. But they also must do so more accurately, as good customers can be frustrated by having to go through additional challenges to be authenticated. 

However, innovations in analytics and the ability to respond in real-time are now allowing financial services organizations to effectively address various fraud issues (i.e. bust-out fraud, application fraud) and at the same time, deliver services to customers on the terms they demand. In this one hour webcast sponsored by Bank Systems & Technology and FICO, you will learn about current trends in fraud management as well as insights on groundbreaking analytic technologies – multi-layered self-calibrating analytics and adaptive analytics – that are changing the way fraud systems decode your customers' behavior in real-time so you can reduce false positives and respond just as your customers expect you to.   

Whitepaper: Is It Fraud or New Behavior? Two Analytics Tell the Difference

by FICONov 01, 2014

Tom, a tech entrepreneur, purchases an expensive snowboard in Aspen, Colorado using his credit card. It's not exactly an expected transaction if you look at his historical patterns. Does this mean his card has been compromised by a fraudster? Or is this just new behavior by a legitimate cardholder? While Tom will appreciate getting a fraud alert, too many inquiries will make him wonder, "Does the bank know who I am?"

As fraudsters become smarter and more complex, financial services institutions must be able to instantly determine the difference between new and fraudulent behavior. How do you recognize signals of significant change - change that you need to pay attention to? And with more and more data streaming in, it's just as important to know what you can safely ignore.

In this eBook, two analytic techniques provide answers.Download the FICO e-Book to:

• Understand typical customer behavior - and what changes from it mean
• Distinguish contextual change like travel, from demographic or lifestyle shifts
• Combine behavioral patterns analytics for more valuable customer insights
• Understand not only who your customer is, but who they are becoming

Whitepaper: Can Fraud Alerts Raise Customer Loyalty?

by FICONov 01, 2014

Julie, a top-executive at a Paris-based consulting company, decides to go to Maui for a vacation. While in Maui, Julie goes into a store to pick up a couple of beach chairs. It should be a quick and easy purchase, but there's a problem - her credit card is denied.

Sounds familiar? Transforming fraud management starts with putting the customer front and center. And executing real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention gives financial services organizations a competitive advantage. Innovations in analytics and the ability to respond in real-time are now allowing financial services organizations to effectively address various fraud issues across their products and at the same time, deliver services to customers on the terms they demand.

Download the FICO e-Book to know how you can achieve 95% customer satisfaction with:

• 30% fewer cardholders transactional declines
• 250% more fraud cases resolved without adding staff

Results like these can be your story too.

Whitepaper: Catching Bust-Out Fraud: To stop the criminals, find the connections

by FICONov 01, 2014

Sonia and Francesca are both applying for credit cards. They have similar profiles and characteristics. However, Sonia is connected to other members of a criminal fraud network that is launching a bust-out fraud scheme. By the time it's clear that one of the applicants is actually a criminal, it may be too late to stop the losses.

Bust-out fraud is growing exponentially globally, perpetrated by fraudsters who share certain types of false information that ultimately link them together. Operating individually and in organized rings, bust-out fraudsters tap unsecured credit products with no intention of ever paying them off - behaving normally just long enough for their damage to be classified as bad debt. It is estimated that 10 to 15% of all banks' bad debt is actually bust-out fraud.

Download the FICO e-Book to learn more about:

• How you can significantly reduce direct and indirect losses from bust-out fraud; and
• What technology can help you identify fraud rings earlier in the lifecycle, across geographies and lines of business.
• How powerful analytics can link perpetrators to their crimes

Whitepaper: Expose Fraud Rings to Stop Insurance Claims Fraud

by FICOSep 29, 2013

Download FICO's white paper that demonstrates how insurers can uncover more fraud with insight on individuals and criminal rings.

Whitepaper: Delivering Customer Value Faster with Big Data Analytics

by FICOJun 19, 2013

Customer data is more widely available than ever, but now companies are faced with the challenge of Big Data.

Companies have made substantial investments in Business Intelligence and analytics to better understand their customers and their business. Big Data represents a dramatic shift in the data available to companies: Far more data, of many more types, arriving more quickly. At the same time, these companies are realizing that the social, mobile and informed consumer requires a different approach than in the past.

Are your existing approaches able to meet the demand of Big Data and today's consumer? Download the white paper "Delivering Customer Value Faster with Big Data Analytics." In this white paper you'll learn:

•  Why Big Data is not just another buzzword or passing trend
•  How to turn Big Data into Big Insight
•  The implications of Big Data for your risk management, fraud prevention and customer loyalty initiatives
•  Analytic strategies to make Big Data-driven decisions in real-time and throughout the customer lifecycle
•  How the Cloud is enabling more organizations to pursue Big Data analytics with far greater agility

Whitepaper: Building Analytic Applications in the Cloud

by FICOJun 19, 2013

Over the last 5 years, Big Data and other major technology trends�chiefly cloud computing, social networking, mobile communications and new analytic technology applications�have created new opportunities for companies to propel their decision-making capabilities.

But building applications that can leverage the volume, variety and velocity of Big Data is the next challenge facing organizations of all sizes.

Download the white paper "Decision Management for the Masses" and learn the best practices in building analytic applications that leverage Big Data. In this white paper you'll learn:

•  How to apply Big Data to predict customer behavior and create personalized messages

•  How Decision Management makes Big Data-powered business intelligence actionable

•  How the Cloud puts Big Data-driven analytics and decision management in the hands of organizations of all sizes, including those outside of the Fortune 100, by reducing costs, complexity and time-to-insight