Whitepaper: Best Practices in Data Management

by SASMay 01, 2007

As part of the ERM Global Program, this white paper should be used to establish SAS expertise and leadership in data management, particularly in relation to the development of an enterprise risk management strategy.���

Whitepaper: The State of Claims Fraud Detection and Prevention

by SASOct 01, 2007

This document reveals the findings of a May 2007 research study conducted by Insurance and Technology magazine on claims fraud detection and prevention, in which 102 readers answered an online survey by CMP Research.��

Webcast: Claims Fraud Prevention and Management Roundtable

by SASJan 15, 2008

Are you up to date on the latest trends, challenges and costs affecting claims fraud? Do you know what best practices are working and why? Have you explored the market's newest technologies and how they can augment your success? Get an insider's take on today's most pressing claims fraud issues by watching this informative roundtable Webcast.

Whitepaper: Best Practices in Reporting: Meeting the Goal of an Enterprise Risk Management Platform

by SASMar 01, 2008

To show how a sound reporting framework allows a bank to monitor all the risks pertaining to its portfolio (e.g., market, credit, liquidity, etc.) and intervene if necessary, as well as ensure that all decision makers have the intelligence needed to determine the appropriate course of action on the daily run of the bank.���

Whitepaper: Combating Insurance Claims Fraud

by SASApr 01, 2008

This white paper discusses how insurers can take measures to recognize and reduce opportunistic and organized claims fraud.�It's purpose it to explain why insurers need more than traditional methods and systems if they expect to manage todays new breed of fraudster and reverse the growing fraud trend.

Whitepaper: Operational Risk: Where is the Value?

by SASApr 01, 2008

This article focuses on finding the true tangible value of investing in upgrades (such as technology improvements) to the operational risk control framework and helps senior level security executives explain these benefits to the entire organzation.

Whitepaper: A Comprehensive Credit Assessement Framework

by SASApr 18, 2008

This white paper gives an overview of a comprehensive credit assessment framework (CCAF), developed by SAS, which addresses the credit scoring limitations imposed by insufficient credit and market information, insufficient sampling time frames and static, data-driven factor selection and weightings.

Webcast: Better Management of Credit Risk: A Guide for Mid-Tier Banks, Credit Unions and Lenders

by SASApr 24, 2008

Have you harnessed the power of automated, proactive credit risk management? Learn how to improve decision making and accurately forecast risk exposure by viewing this broadcast now. Panelists from the mid-tier banking, credit union and lending sectors demonstrate just how easy it is to integrate and optimize your existing credit risk processes.

Whitepaper: Anti-Money Laundering: Helping Life Insurance Companies Mitigate Regulatory Risk

by SASJun 01, 2008

The U.S. Department of Treasury released in October 2005 the final ruling that life insurance and annuity companies must implement money laundering-prevention programs and comply with Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) guidelines by May 2006. This white paper takes a brief look at ways SAS Anti-Money Laundering is designed to help these companies comply with regulations. You will learn about SAS' ability to detect a variety of suspicious activities. Anti-Money Laundering helps life insurance and annuity companies comply with regulations while assuring policies and procedures are applied in a consistent manner across the enterprise. AML provides a platform for managing transaction data, monitoring known risks, detecting unusual behavior and events, investigating alerts, retaining all pertinent details, and filing regulatory reports if necessary.

Whitepaper: The Optimized Insurer: Using Analytics to Optimize Business Performance

by SASAug 01, 2008

The fiercely competitive insurance industry faces spiraling operational costs, increasing regulatory pressures and rising claim settlement costs against a background of economic uncertainty. This white paper explores how SAS Analytics can help insurance companies use their data proactively to better understand their businesses, detect areas for improvement and take remedial action, as well as forecast ahead and plan more proactively for the future in order to protect and grow their market share, despite difficult conditions.