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Kaplan Compliance Solutions is a technology and services provider for the insurance and securities industries. We eliminate the paperwork that inundates producers and representatives so they can start selling sooner. Also, we manage their regulatory requirements throughout their career cycles, reducing compliance risk and improving efficiency for their licensing and registration staff. Kaplan Compliance Solutions develops software solutions and outsourcing services that streamline and automate the complex processes of on-boarding (such as contracting, registration, licensing and appointment) and career cycle (such as education tracking, renewal and data management). By doing this, we help producers and representatives start selling sooner, reduce compliance risk and make a more efficient licensing and registration staff.

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Whitepaper: Business Process Outsourcing -- An Effective Solution for Managing Producer Licensing

by Kaplan Compliance SolutionsMay 01, 2008

Insurance organizations and other financial services companies increasingly are seeking efficiencies through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), the end-to-end outsourcing of a business line or process. Business Process Outsourcing clearly enhances control over business performance, whether by reducing costs, increasing the quality of processes, accelerating transformation throughout a business, creating a more flexible response to sudden external stresses, or through a combination of several benefits.

In today�s environment, senior managers face growing pressure from regulators relating to producer licensing and market conduct issues. Financial services companies are questioning whether it is enough to be merely compliance-competent. To adopt industry-leading best practices and achieve service excellence, the resources of an outsource specialist may be essential. The standards that an outsource specialist can meet -� increased productivity, efficiency, speed, accuracy, paper flow management, and personalized problem-solving �- simply may not be attainable by in-house compliance staff at an affordable cost.

Producer licensing is extremely complex. The sheer weight of the compliance burden is causing the industry to seek new solutions. These data-intensive functions are not a financial service company�s core competency. In many cases, outsourcing these functions may be the safest and fastest way to take advantage of changing market conditions and an increased pressure to accelerate speed to market.