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Whitepaper: An In-Depth Look at Trends in Marketing, Production & Distribution of Variable Data Printing

by Electronic Document Systems FoundationJan 01, 2008

Living in a free-enterprise system means living in a society that is inundated by marketing. Marketers view VDP as a very important component to a personalized marketing campaign. The objective in marketing is getting the right message to the right customer The objective of this study was to acquire knowledge and information from marketing and printing segments experienced with VDP. The information was assessed and analyzed. The results provide a better understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, and logistical issues related to creating and producing VDP. From this information VDP trends within these segments are predicted.

Whitepaper: Ramifications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for the Printing Industry: A Survey of the Industry

by Electronic Document Systems FoundationJan 01, 2008

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a reasonably new technology with the stated promise of significantly increasing the capability of tracking items well beyond the current limitations of bar code technology. A majority of respondents from the field of graphic communication believe that this will happen in five-to-ten years and digital printing technology will lead the way. The rationale of this paper is to define RFID and project a general time line for the adoption of this technology as would be significant to the printing industry.