Cyveillance, the world leader in cyber intelligence, provides an intelligence-led approach to security. Through continuous, comprehensive Internet monitoring and sophisticated intelligence analysis, Cyveillance proactively identifies and eliminates threats to information, infrastructure, individuals and their interactions, enabling its customers to preserve their reputation, revenues, and customer trust. Cyveillance serves the Global 2000 and OEM Data Partners protecting the majority of the Fortune 50, regional financial institutions nationwide, and more than 30 million global consumers through its partnerships with security and service providers that include AOL and Microsoft.

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Whitepaper: The Cost of Phishing: Understanding the True Cost Dynamics Behind Phishing Attacks

by CyveillanceDec 16, 2008

In this white paper, Cyveillance�s phishing experts demonstrate the financial savings resulting from speedy detection and take down of phishing attacks, as well as significant financial repercussions of slow phishing detection and take downs. According to a Gartner study released in December 2007, phishing attacks represent a staggering amount of fraud, costing organizations more than $3 billion annually. Even more shocking than this cost is the fact that phishing is a steadily growing problem with no end in sight. # For more than six years, Cyveillance has seen customers of both large and small branded companies fall victim to this pervasive form of online fraud, with phishing attacks against more than 2,000 brands across 30 countries. Cyveillance used this extensive experience to establish the baselines used in the model and can be easily adapted to any organization.