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ProfitStars is a leading provider of best-of-breed products and services assembled through Jack Henry & Associates' focused diversification acquisition strategy. These highly specialized solutions, which are compatible with virtually any information technology platform and operating environment, include proven solutions for generating additional revenue and growth opportunities, increasing security and mitigating operational risks, and controlling operating costs.

ProfitStars products and services are enhancing the performance of financial services organization of all asset sizes and charters, and diverse corporate entities with approximately 6,000 domestic and international implementations. The distinct products and services provided by ProfitStars can be implemented individually or as comprehensive solution suites to address today's top-of-mind business challenges and objectives.

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Whitepaper: Communications Manager

by ProfitStars, a division of Jack Henry & AssociatesApr 24, 2008

Industry experts predict five million small businesses are looking to add remote deposit capture by 2012. This thought leadership paper provides tips and strategies for financial institutions to proactively target the small business market with a remote deposit capture solution. It also explains what small businesses expepct in terms of remote deposit capture functionality.

Whitepaper: ProfitStars Margin Maximizer Suite Produces Higher Yields and Net Interest Margin for Monarch Bank

by ProfitStars, a division of Jack Henry & AssociatesApr 15, 2008

When it first opened its doors in 1999, Monarch Bank relied on the experience and savvy of a few loan officers to assess risk factors and make loan-pricing decisions. The start-up bank grew, but wanted to make sure its future growth was profitable growth and wanted to be able to determine the profitability of relationships and price loan requests according to current profit margins. To improve its pricing strategies � focusing primarily on commercial loans � Monarch Bank opted for the ProfitStars Margin Maximizer Suite, which helps financial institutions develop strategies to maximize net interest income. After using earlier versions of the Margin Maximizer Suite for several years, Monarch Bank upgraded to the latest commercial model that allows for more information � like funding curves and pricing indices � to be downloaded automatically, as well as greater relationship comparisons and a new management report section. Monarch Bank�s first step: assessing return on equity (ROE) based on the size, term, structure, risk, and relationship factors associated with every loan request. Monarch Bank utilizes the Margin Maximizer Suite to help price consumer loans as well as commercial loans and real estate loans on an individual basis. Monarch Bank is now not only outperforming its regional peers by nearly two-tenths of a percentage point but is averaging a much higher NIM than its state and national peers as well. Monarch Bank is outperforming its national peer group by nearly two-tenths of a percentage point.