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CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) provides IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to support agile business services. Organizations leverage CA Technologies software and SaaS solutions to accelerate innovation, transform infrastructure, and secure data and identities, from the datacenter to the cloud. To learn more please visit

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Whitepaper: The Total Economic Impact of CA Unified Infrastructure Management

by CA TechnologiesAug 30, 2016

CA Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by deploying CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM). The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of CA UIM on their organization.

Whitepaper: The Future of Your Digital Business Depends on Amazing Customer Experience

by CA TechnologiesJul 08, 2016

Justin Vaughan-Brown, former global digital transformation lead with CA Technologies interviewed Kalyan Kumar, SVP and CTO-ITO of HCL, on his company's vision of the 21st Century Enterprise and the future of digital transformation. Download this Q&A to learn from their discussion.

Whitepaper: How to Get Your Enterprise Digitally Ready and Agile

by CA TechnologiesJul 08, 2016

Survival for most businesses today requires that they go digital. Competitive landscapes are being redrawn by 24/7 access via mobile and other connected devices as well as customers' ever-higher expectations for a better user experience. For companies at the starting gate, it is critical to articulate your digital needs, learn how to target your investments for maximum effect and create a culture in which lessons learned are fruitfully ploughed back into the firm --- all with the goal of being digitally ready and agile. In this white paper produced by Knowledge@Wharton, six experts look at what makes up the sharpest digital strategies.

International Data Corp. (IDC), in a recent series of conferences, identified key trends that will impact the ability of organizations to digitally transform over the next few years. Download this research report to learn about their findings.

Whitepaper: Is Your Agile Infrastructure Ready for the Application Economy?

by CA TechnologiesJul 08, 2016

The application economy has taken hold---with everything driven by connected applications that run on numerous different devices and systems, as well as on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures.

You're seeing the impact of this in your organization---from the increased expectations of customers for access to always-available applications, to internal departments and teams that depend on a reliable infrastructure to support fast application development and deployment.

Against a backdrop of growing big data initiatives, this situation significantly adds to your infrastructure management requirements.Now you must oversee your legacy applications and support and monitor all the new types of applications and technologies that are coming your way. Under these circumstances, being able to scale and efficiently handle a complex hybrid infrastructure is essential.

If you're uncertain of your organization's ability to keep up, you're not alone. Download this eBook to learn more.

Whitepaper: PwC on the Role of DevOps in the Digital Transformation

by CA TechnologiesDec 01, 2015

Rohit Antao is partner in PwC's consulting business and leads PwC's Enterprise DevOps solutions. During this Rewrite interview, he says there is more to DevOps than collaboration. Security, customer adoption and even community come into play in the digital realm.

Whitepaper: Solution Brief: Crossing the DevOps Chasm

by CA TechnologiesDec 01, 2015

Can Improved Collaboration and Automation Between Development and IT Operations Deliver Business Value More Rapidly? This solution brief provides insights into the DevOps movement, why it matters and how you can cross the chasm to achieve better collaboration to deliver business value more rapidly.

Whitepaper: PwC and CA Technologies: High Velocity IT eBook. Inspired by DevOps

by CA TechnologiesDec 01, 2015

DevOps: It Takes Teamwork to Win in the Application Economy. Together, CA Technologies solutions and PwC's business transformation, process, and organizational change capabilities are creating accelerated results. We've developed joint High Velocity IT service offerings that can help meet your organization's needs.

Whitepaper: White Paper: DevOps Practitioner Series

by CA TechnologiesDec 01, 2015

"Waste Not Want Not" - Applying Lean principles to eliminate eight elements of waste and prevent technical debt

Webcast: InformationWeek Virtual Summit, Sponsored by CA Technologies

by CA TechnologiesJul 29, 2015

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Webcast: The InformationWeek DevOps Experience: The Impact of Agile Operations

by CA TechnologiesJun 03, 2015

In an age when less than perfect doesn’t cut it, and business models are changing to win in the new app economy, you need to be on top of your game, particularly with the various components of DevOps. For example, how reliable is your approach to agile IT operations? It's imperative to be able to remove bottlenecks and trouble spots associated with QA and production software deployment, driven by agile development groups that release software more often. With better agile IT operations, you'll be able to remove silos, improve collaboration between all stakeholders, and unify the goals of the development and operations teams.

At this InformationWeek Event, sponsored by CA, you’ll learn how to deliver proven value to your organization and customers by streamlining the app dev process so you can transform your overall IT operations. You'll learn how to cut out wasteful expenses and demonstrate to the business side of the corporation how much IT influences the optimization of IT operations. And you’ll be able to keep up with the demanding pace of the business while assuring quality app dev outcomes.  

All times West Coast.

9:00am – 9:15am  Welcome and Overview
Lenny Liebmann, Contributing Editor,
9:15am – 9:45am   What Does DevOps Mean for IT Operations?
Kevin Behr, Co-Author, The Phoenix Project
As business models are changing to win in the new app economy,
enterprises worldwide have found DevOps to be the best way for
technology teams to successfully navigate change.  While many
focus on new approaches to software development, what does DevOps
mean for IT operations?  Hear renowned DevOps practitioner
Kevin Behr discuss how IT teams built around reliability and risk
avoidance successfully adapt to support new pace of deployment
and more dynamic infrastructure
9:45am – 10:15am      Agile Operations: Innovation with CA APM and CA UIM
Michael Madden, CA Technologies, GM DevOps
An overview of new features in CA APM 10 and UIM 8.3 and how these
solutions help IT operations teams become more agile while still ensuring
high levels of reliability demanded by IT
10:15am – 10:55am      Best Practices in Agile Operations: Experts Panel
Moderator: Lenny Liebmann, InformationWeek
Panelists: Aruna Ravichandran, CA Technologies;
Kevin Behr; John Balsavage, President, A&I Solutions; DevOps Customer TBD       
10:55am   Closing Comments
Aruna Ravichandran, VP, Marketing and Strategy,
CA Technologies 
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