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Estrella Partners Group LLC is an executive level consulting firm with headquarters in Arizona and resources positioned throughout the United States focused on assisting clients identify revenue opportunities and increase operational efficiency through the use of Organization Change Management, Program Management, Risk Management, and Green Advisory Services. We are an organization that treats its clients with the utmost respect, honesty, and professionalism - all with better than competitive rates. Our resources have the hands-on experience necessary to lead client teams or manage projects that are beyond our client's internal team's comfort level.

Estrella consulting professionals are seasoned executives that understand both urgency and client constraints, while having a track record for delivery excellence. We are supported by a dynamic group of professionals that encompass both deep industry and functional subject matter expertise with a proven track record of providing exceptional value as trusted advisers.

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Latest Content From Estrella Partners Group

Whitepaper: The Need for CIO Coaches and Interim CIOs

by Estrella Partners GroupJun 01, 2009

In today?s challenging economic environment insurance companies require effective IT executive leadership. As businesses evolve and develop new strategies for growth they often find limitations in their current technology and business practices. In many cases the business determines that its current IT systems and business processes are outdated and not aligned with its evolving strategic business goals, market needs, and regulatory requirements.

Whitepaper: Global Software Integration; Why Do So Many Projects Fail?

by Estrella Partners GroupJun 01, 2009

The IT field is littered with failed global software integration sagas. Post mortems on these projects have surfaced many reasons for their failures focusing on mismatched capabilities, local geographical requirements and perhaps project technical management deficiencies. Most global software projects start with a thorough analysis of feature and function. Do the capabilities of the standard software meet the needs of the corporate requirements? This exercise is generally performed by