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Kony is a mobile and multichannel application platform provider. Kony develops a suite of customizable pre-built appsand the KonyOne Platform,which give companies the confidence and control to quickly build apps once and deploy everywhere -- across all smartphones, feature phones, tablets, kiosks and desktops, seven operating systems and multiple deployment modes, including HTML5 and mobile web, hybrid, native, and mixed-mode. In 2012 Kony was named a "Visionary" in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) report. For more information, please visit

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Webcast: Implementing a Multichannel Approach

by Kony SolutionsAug 15, 2013

The idea of one computer and one phone per person is outdated. The three-year hardware refresh cycle is dead. Whether users are employees or consumers, chances are they own or have been issued several types of devices. Now, users expect their apps to work on any device, instantly and seamlessly.

It requires some rethinking of how applications, media and other content is delivered to each user based on who they are, what device they're carrying and what they're trying to accomplish. During this interactive webinar, we will discuss:

  • Employees security clearances
  • How mobile workforce apps evolve over time and go through generational changes, and
  • How organizations can maximize results from investments with a common enterprise strategy and mobility infrastructure
In a world where IT needs to support smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs and the Web, development teams need to find ways to simplify and streamline app design, development, and deployment. Join this session to understand why you need a multichannel strategy and how this approach will need to adjust in the future.

Webcast: What’s Your Mobile Vision – And How Can You Realize It?

by Kony SolutionsJul 22, 2013

There’s no question that the mobile channel is becoming increasingly important to insurance companies. More than 60% of respondents to Novarica’s recent Mobile in Insurance study said they were planning to add new mobile capabilities in 2013. But how many of these implementations will gain traction with customers, distributors and employees? There are tremendous opportunities – including claims submission, premium payments, policy information access and prospecting --  around mobility in insurance, but to capitalize on them insurers need a cost-effective and scalable strategy for developing robust mobile apps and providing a consistent experience to all constituents across multiple devices and channels. How can insurers gain the mobile advantage?

This free, one-hour webinar, hosted by Insurance & Technology editorial director Kathy Burger, will help insurers take advantage of some of the best practices in mobile strategy:

  • Develop a multi-channel strategy that benefits customers and the bottom line.
  • Manage device and OS fragmentation.
  • Test for reliability, accessibility and performance.
  • Address the needs of different constituencies (policyholders, prospects, agents, etc.).
  • Ensure customer acceptance and use.
  • Comply with security and privacy requirements.

Participating in this webinar will help you learn what goes into a winning mobile implementation and how using a single code base approach can help your organization speed development and cost effectively deploy and maintain apps across multiple channels.

Whitepaper: Mobile Application Management: Meeting the BYOD Challenge

by Kony SolutionsJul 18, 2012

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has left industries grappling with a new and difficult challenge to their ability to secure mission-critical corporate data and applications. As the lines between work and leisure continue to blur, professionals of all types want to be able to review reports, enter data into applications, and access corporate directories from the same devices on which they capture video of their kids' sports performances.

To meet this demand, IT teams must be able to provision, update, manage, analyze, and report on corporate applications, without impinging on users' privacy rights or damaging end users' personal property. A well-designed Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution enables IT teams to achieve fine-grained control over applications across a range of devices, over every type of network and deployment mode.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Mobile Application Mangement solutions can empower IT with the type of finely tuned architecture needed to meet the BYOD challenge.

Whitepaper: Build an Operations Stairway to the Mobile Future

by Kony SolutionsOct 01, 2011

It's already happened: employees, customers and partners are using smartphones and tablets from Apple, Google, RIM, and other providers. Between the consumer market and the rise of bring-your-own (BYO) devices in enterprises IT is under pressure to revamp and rethink its mobile strategy. According to Forrester:

� In the enterprise, already 51% of North American and 36% of European information workers pay for all or part of their monthly data plans.
� In the consumer space, 27% of US online adults use web and mobile channels to interact with companies, and that number will rise.

Everything from procurement and development to security and app stores are in a state of change. In this report learn the steps that content and collaboration professionals must take to support smartphones and tablets across the variety of multiple platforms and audiences and how to deal with priorities, policies, governance, and funding.