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Webcast: Ease the Cost and Complexity of Delivering on Regulatory Compliance

by DelphixNov 06, 2014

Today’s more complex and expansive regulatory requirements – including stress testing and other Dodd Frank-related reporting, AML actions, and emerging privacy/security guidelines – make it more important than ever that financial institutions invest in infrastructure and platforms that facilitate compliance and allow for consistent, accurate and replicable processes. Requirements such as Dodd Frank, C-CAR, EMIR, and MiFID impose an overwhelming burden on IT and line of business teams. How can banks of all sizes ease the cost and complexity of delivering on financial regulations? 

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn key trends in financial stress testing
  • Explore IT-related challenges and bottlenecks
  • Discover best practices around streamlining delivery of stress tests and other compliance requirements.

Register for this webinar to learn how you can solve these business challenges and gain an operational advantage.


Whitepaper: Stress-Test Data Virtualization: Better Insights, Lower Costs

by DelphixSep 22, 2014

This report, commissioned by Delphix and produced by financial advisory and research firm, Aite Group, details the critical challenges and bottlenecks in financial stress testing, as well as the benefits banks can achieve through data virtualization.

Whitepaper: The ABCs of Data-as-a-Service

by DelphixFeb 07, 2012

Data growth continues to outpace business growth at many organizations. Moreover, the growth in data generation is outstripping the ability of conventional tools, techniques, and processes to make effective use of that data. Application Development, Business Intelligence, and Compliance Reporting are three key IT functions impacted by the growth and availability of data. Together, these "ABCs" of data can enable lower costs and greater revenue, but each relies on better access to more data in order to be effective. In each area, Data as a Service can provide faster, cheaper, and easier access to critical data that is today locked away in production databases.

Whitepaper: Delivering Fat-Free Continuous Data Protection with Delphix

by DelphixJan 01, 2012

Delphix provides an extended data protection layer that can dramatically reduce or eliminate complex downtime events, without the storage bloat of traditional CDP solutions. Can your business afford a major outage? Download this whitepaper to learn how Delphix helps leading companies protect their data centers while increasing business agility.

Whitepaper: Transforming ERP with Data Virtualization

by DelphixJan 01, 2012

ERP solutions carry the promise of huge returns through automation of an organization's core business processes. Unfortunately, ERP projects have become notorious for high failure rates, delays, and budget overruns. Given the significant share of IT resources that ERP investments command, this reality has translated into overall IT inagility and inefficiency. Data virtualization presents an opportunity to reverse this trend by eliminating the huge cost and labor inefficiencies that exist within any ERP application lifecycle.

Whitepaper: Extending IT Virtualization to Oracle Database Infrastructure

by DelphixJan 01, 2012

Learn why Brian Babineau, Vice President of Research and Analyst Services at ESG, recommends the expansion of virtualization initiatives into the data tier to:

� Reduce operating expenses

� Improve asset utilization

� Cut capital costs

� Enable IT agility

Whitepaper: Realizing Massive ROI Through Data Virtualization

by DelphixJan 01, 2012

Will your IT Budget Scale?

Today's IT trends from cloud computing and convergence to consumerization all result in new data management and analysis needs. IT budget and headcount growth are dwarfed by application and data growth. Without an order of magnitude improvement in cost efficiency and productivity the problem can only get worse. Download this whitepaper to learn how enterprises like yours are using the Delphix database virtualization platform to realize:

� 10x cost savings

• 2x faster projects

� 5x tighter data control

Download this whitepaper to learn more.