Whitepaper: What's the most cost-effective route to a unified IT cloud computing solution? Ask a calculator. Run some ROI.

by mineFeb 12, 2012

This paper offers a detailed guide to help any company calculate both the initial, transitional hard costs associated with moving to a unified cloud IT solution, and the ongoing management costs.

It offers an objective way of assessing whether your financial needs will be best served in building a unified cloud solution in-house, or teaming with a cloud unifying specialty firm.

Whitepaper: Why Cloud-Based IT Outsourcing Firms Are So Popular

by mineFeb 12, 2012

Best-of-Class Resources. Conserving Capital. Reducing Risk. Speed of transformation. These are a few of the most common reasons why companies, in increasingly large numbers, are choosing to team with cloud IT unifying specialty firms.

While every company has its own reasons for making this decision, industry surveys have identified ten common reasons that companies cite as driving factors.

This paper details the ten. The list may serve as convenient reference criteria for determining whether or not your company should also team with a cloud IT unifying outsourcing firm, or make the transition entirely in-house.

Whitepaper: Everything A CEO Needs To Know To Select A Cloud IT Unifying Platform

by mineFeb 12, 2012

Technology may not be your specialty, or even your interest. But given its critical role in supporting a business, and the rapid transition companies are making to unified cloud solutions (to cut costs, lower risk and otherwise enhance their competitive stance), this five minute read will be time well spent.

It explains the fundamental differences between the two cloud unifying platforms (the OS33 Portal Desktop and Hosted Desktop/VDI), and does so in non-technical language.

It provides a deep enough understanding of cloud platform issues to enable you to ask pointed questions before making any long-term cloud computing decisions.