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Absolute Software Corporation is the industry standard in persistent endpoint security and management solutions for computers, laptops, and ultra-portable devices-and the data they contain. Absolute Software has been the leader in device security and management for 20 years. Our persistence technology is built into tens of millions of devices around the world

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Research Report: The Future of Data Security and Privacy: Growth and Competitive Differentiation

by Absolute SoftwareJan 05, 2016

Almost every firm, from an online retailer to a hospital to a government agency, rarely works in isolation and can rarely confine data to within their four walls. The walls don't exist. They must work in a complex ecosystem of customers increasingly concerned about their privacy, digitally native employees, and demanding partners and suppliers--all perpetually connected by new systems of engagement and cloud services. In this new reality, traditional perimeter-based approaches to security are outdated. S&R pros must take a data-centric approach that ensures security travels with the data regardless of user population, location, or even hosting model.

Whitepaper: The Evolution of the Privacy Regulatory Landscape in America and Why Absolutes Products and Services are Perfectly Aligned for Compliance

by Absolute SoftwareMar 26, 2014

Privacy regulations in the U.S. are tightening and now, more than ever, endpoint security solutions are a necessity. Add in the growing "bring your own device" (BYOD) movement in the workplace, and the danger of the unauthorized release of protected personal information has never been greater. Read a short history of the evolution of today's policy and learn how you can implement best practice to ensure that your organization remains compliant.

Whitepaper: The Cost of a Data Breach: Healthcare Settlements Involving Lost or Stolen Devices

by Absolute SoftwareJan 05, 2016

IT leaders today are reinventing their infrastructure to support a mobile workforce and a complex array of connected devices. Against this backdrop of mobility and connectivity, Healthcare IT is tasked with meeting compliance challenges in an intricate and transformational regulatory environment. With a host of new data protection regulations and increasingly high settlement fees for data breaches, data security has never been more important to Healthcare organizations. Download this white paper to read about some of the most costly data breaches that resulted from lost or stolen devices.

Whitepaper: Seven Steps to Creating an Effective Computer Security Incident Response Team

by Absolute SoftwareSep 15, 2014

Chief information security officers (CISOs) and other key security decision makers should follow a phased approach in developing and maintaining a CSIRT that will identify, contain, escalate, investigate and remediate incidents in a timely and efficient manner. Read Gartner's report on how a phased approach to the creation of the team will ensure optimal effectiveness.

Whitepaper: Responding to Unpopular HIPAA Disclosure Requirements

by Absolute SoftwareSep 25, 2014

The question is not whether healthcare consumers will ultimately get the right to learn of disclosures of their data, but when. Senior IT leaders and business executives in healthcare organizations that use lobbyists should focus on regulators' renewed attention to this long-dormant HIPAA issue.

Whitepaper: Reduce the Risk - and Cost - of Mobility by Securely Managing Your Mobile Devices

by Absolute SoftwareApr 01, 2012

The proper use of technology will allow you to save money, protect existing assets, and even discover additional sources of revenue.