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Whitepaper: eCRM in Your Enterprise

by Aalpha Information Systems IndiaJan 01, 2008

The white paper by Aalpha Information Systems India describes about eCRM in ones Enterprise. In a rapidly changing global business marketplace, it is realized that there are subtle and complex changes in the consumer/ brand relationships directly impacting the brand equity, owing mainly to an unprecedented glut in communications and information channel like the internet. eCRM helps in enabling a customer oriented organization to deliver an extended infrastructure to customers and partners in new ways, to proactively learn customer needs, design new added values, gain new economies in scale/ time/ costs, reach new customers, and deploy innovative retention strategies.

Whitepaper: Delivering Enterprise Advantages: Intranets & Extranets

by Aalpha Information Systems IndiaJan 01, 2008

A lively communication and collaboration paradigm is serious to business success today, in an increasingly dynamic world marketplace. Effectiveness in information sharing in both extra-enterprise (external partners and customers) and intra-enterprise (employees) environments can bring home a strong competitive advantage to the organization. Extranet and Intranets are highly flourishing secure mechanisms of the internet that help people actualize information availability for external business cohesion and internal productivity. Both networks help an enterprise exceed time and geographic barriers in coming closer to business and organizational contexts for reciprocated advantages with customers, employees and business partners.