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Whitepaper: Social Networking In The Enterprise: Benefits And Inhibitors

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jun 07, 2011

Social technologies are moving from the consumer space into the enterprise, and early results are very encouraging. However, concerns remain regarding security, privacy, and compliance, and those concerns are gating pervasive adoption for some organizations. In May 2010, Cisco Systems commissioned Forrester Consulting to research and address these and other concerns. Forrester surveyed 262 US- and European-based IT and business decision-makers and interviewed six individuals. Forrester found that social technology is adding value across a broad array of business functions today. Many broad business goals, like increased knowledge sharing, better access to expertise, and increased innovation, are uniquely served by social technologies. Early proof-of-concept efforts and pilots have proven successful in supporting these endeavors. As with economic downturns in the past, companies are looking to leverage new technology investments to sprint past competitors as the economic recovery takes hold. Social technologies are intriguing to organizations that consider their knowledge workers a primary opportunity for differentiation. However, concerns regarding privacy, security, and compliance continue to gate social technology adoption.

Whitepaper: The Design of Organization Next

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jun 07, 2011

As the global economy emerges from the Great Recession, many organizations continue to experience its far-�?reaching effects, but it is not the only force at play as organizations continue to evolve. Technology, demographics, shifts in work relationships, regulatory environments, and globalization exert themselves to reshape work. And many uncertainties remain about the future of the work that will affect the structure and practices of the work experience. Organizations will need to redesign hire-�?to-�?retire cycles as they encounter new work relationships models such as temporary and contingent staff, contract workers, and outsourcing partners. These relationships are not new, but the shifting model of global work and growing disparities between skills and talent supply suggest that organizations will need to consider how people working under different models collaborate and integrate to create ongoing, consistent, and meaningful value.

Whitepaper: Switching Is Strategic to Your Business

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

When you buy a switch, you are buying--and buying into--the switching vendor's architecture. In other words, you are adopting as your own that switching vendor's concept and strategy for how business should be conducted.Know what kind of strategic decisions are you making when you purchase a given vendor's switch. Learn the four categories of switching architecture and the strategic decisions network managers make when they buy them.

Whitepaper: Data Center 3.0 Infrastructure Transformation

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

The data center is the center of the IT universe. It is the primary source for computing cycles, storage capacity, business applications, and information of all forms. This central positioning also causes the data center to be a target - for budget overruns, user blame, power shortages, security breaches, and worst of all, business shortfalls. Learn how to ensure your data center delivers on its business promise and makes the most cost-effective and efficient use of data center resources - from networks to servers to storage to power.

Whitepaper: The Business Relevance of Security: Challenges & Solutions

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

Security continues to be an area of growth as risks continue to be on the rise. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, as botnets, spam and fraud continue to proliferate. Understand the vision and innovations in network security, content security, and application security. And, learn key solutions that address customers' business-relevant security problems such as compliance, data loss prevention, and threat management.

Whitepaper: Future of Application Delivery

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

Find out the four key trends for application architectures. This presentation looks at how mobility, software as a service, rich interactive applications and application integration are making an impact on the enterprise.

Whitepaper: Physical Security & IT

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

Competing and converging network and building access control technologies are redefining rule-based network security processes. HID and RSA are competing standards for controlling access to buildings and networks, while biometrics, pin numbers and passwords are converging to create the standard for validating a persons identity. Security professionals define the impact of the convergence of physical and logical security on IT departments.