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Whitepaper: The Business Relevance of Security

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Business disruption, reputation, damage, and loss of control from compromised systems remain issues for most businesses. Global requirements to achieve compliance and, in particular, PCI compliance, is a major horizontal business issue. Data loss prevention is a top issue affecting many organizations, complicated by disclosure laws and uncertainty over actual data use. In this presentation, Cisco explores these and other business issues related to security.

Whitepaper: Data Center 3.0: An Infrastructure Transformation

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Under increasing pressure amid growing business demands, regulatory compliance and operational limitations, data centers are evolving. Driving the next generation of data centers will be virtualization.

Whitepaper: Securing Network Infrastructure For Unified Communications Deployments

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Cisco takes a look at security in Unified Communications in this presentation. Many risks can be mitigated by capabilities that already exist in your networks.

Whitepaper: Composite Collaborative Apps Speed Business Process

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Composite applications can accelerate the business process by empowering users to rely on rich collaboration patterns.

Whitepaper: Secure Network Infrastructures for Unified Communications Deployments

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Unified communications has become a key driver for most enterprises and securing these environments is top of mind for security professionals. The network infrastructure is the "backplane" of unified communications deployments. Learn about the key threats today and tomorrow and how to utilize network security mechanisms to minimize the risk.

Whitepaper: Composite Collaborative Applications Accelerating the Business Process

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

In addition to combining different communications media, Unified Communications also allows enterprises to add communications functionality to business applications that previously lacked such tight integration. UC vendors claim that you can drive worker productivity by adding voice or instant messaging directly into, for example, an ERP or spreadsheet application. Cisco explains it composite collaborative applications.

Whitepaper: Physical Security & IT

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Competing and converging network and building access control technologies are redefining rule-based network security processes. HID and RSA are competing standards for controlling access to buildings and networks, while biometrics, pin numbers and passwords are converging to create the standard for validating a persons identity. Security professionals define the impact of the convergence of physical and logical security on IT departments.