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Whitepaper: Spyware Risks, Prevention, and Removal for Healthcare Businesses With HIPAA Compliance Requirements

by J.P. SchwartzJan 01, 2008

Spyware is software that collects information from computer without knowledge. Often spyware is used for something relatively harmless, such as the collection of marketing data. Organized crime tends to thoroughly test their spyware programs to make sure that they do not crashes computer, do not cause popups, do not show up in add and remove programs or in the task manager so that one can easily shut them down. Ironically, some of the best-written spyware programs will actually remove other viruses, popups and spyware from computer so that it runs better.

Whitepaper: Designing IT Infrastructure to Meet Your Business Goals

by J.P. SchwartzJan 01, 2008

Designing an IT infrastructure plan that meets the current and future business goals is well worth the time and energy required. IT infrastructure is defined as the policies, processes, people, hardware, software, networks, vendors, and customer interfaces required to collect, analyze, and deliver the information and communications that make business successful. This paper goals, include input from all areas impacted by a potential change in IT infrastructure such as management, personnel, marketing, planning, manufacturing, data security, government regulation compliance, employees and most importantly, customers.