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Voltage Security provides data-centric encryption and stateless key management solutions to combat new security threats and address compliance by protecting structured and unstructured data as it is used across data centers, public and private clouds and mobile devices.

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Whitepaper: Smart Devices, Smart Security

by Voltage SecurityNov 02, 2012

Once mostly prohibited by IT, smartphones and tablets�such as Android-based phones and Apple iPads�are now being used by hundreds of millions of employees worldwide to access, transmit and store corporate information in today�s 24x7 business environment. This �extended enterprise� introduces new challenges and complexities for IT.

Not surprisingly, security has emerged as the No. 1 challenge posed by the BYOD trend. Traditional security approaches typically involve perimeter-based security controls such as firewalls and smart screen filters. But no amount of perimeter defense can protect data. Find out how to protect the data itself.

Whitepaper: The Data is the New Perimeter

by Voltage SecurityApr 15, 2012

Most companies place a high premium on IT security, and believe they have ironclad protection. However, the toll from cyber-attacks continues to climb. That's because there are gaping vulnerabilities in the way defenses are deployed - firewalls, endpoint security and even protected storage can all be bypassed by attackers. Learn how a data-centric security approach can make data useless to data thieves.

Whitepaper: Streamlining Info Protection through a Data-Centric Security Approach with Voltage SecureData

by Voltage SecurityApr 15, 2012

Compared to past approaches Voltage SecureData offers distinct advantages. In addition to the security advantages of FPE and tokenization, integration efforts are reduced to hours and days, instead of months or years as in the past. De-identification of data for testing or other purposes leverages the same data protection used in production. As a true enterprise platform, clients can start with simple applications and expand the use of Voltage SecureData across any number of applications and systems, from HR to financials to custom applications to integration with CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The same platform can be re-used for bulk unstructured data handling with Voltage SecureFile and Voltage SecureMail, for enterprise-wide data privacy and complete peace of mind.

Whitepaper: Establishing a Data-Centric Approach to Encryption

by Voltage SecurityApr 12, 2012

Many data breaches occur at companies that already have a data security policy in place. What is the problem? Typically, intrusion detection and other technologies designed to keep intruders out of your system are built to protect against previously known hacking strategies. This approach exposes your IT systems to great risk as new methods of intrusion are constantly being devised. Learn how to protect corporate data with a data-centric encryption strategy.

Whitepaper: Forrester Report: Killing Data for Security and Risk Professionals

by Voltage SecurityApr 12, 2012

As cybercriminals have become more skillful and sophisticated, they have eroded the effectiveness of our traditional perimeter-based security controls. The constantly mutating threat landscape requires new defensive measures, one of which is the pervasive use of data encryption technologies. In the future, you will encrypt data - both in motion and at rest - by default. By encrypting, and thereby devaluing, your sensitive data, you can make cybercriminals bypass your networks and look for less robustly protected targets.